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Deepin It is an operating system focused on simplicity, productivity and good management. Belonging to Deepin Wuhan Technology Co. Ltd. China a company based in Wuhan, in that country. Since 2015 the multinational is a member of the Linux Foundation, linked and committed to open source projects and technologies linked to GNU / Linux.

We will bring a semblance this wonderful operating system. Feel free to learn more afond in the related articles or share with your friends.

History of development

This operating system was born in 2004 as "Hiweed Linux" based on Ubuntu and the desktop environment XFCE low power. Because of its success, in 2009, he changed its name to Deepin. And in 2011, the organization went international withDeepin Wuhan Technology.

It enshrined in 2015 as an independent service. His union with the Linux Foundation, Intel alliance, changing Ubuntu to Debian base software and its new graphical environment. As a result, Deepin has its own environment. Tools to develop applications (APIS and Toolkits) were developed based on QT.

Companies of the same nature also revolutionize the Linux market. Google with Android, Valve video games and RedHat with its corporate ecosystem, are examples. So in 2020 the team announced a corporate edition called UOSWith security enhancements and improved support for China.

Deepin is friendly from the beginning

Simple to install

Deepin starts from a bootable USB or DVD. In addition, the installation wizard is easy to navigate. You can choose a clean installation to the entire hard disk or selecting a partition. Then enter the time, user and language.

The requirements for Deepin 15.11 are:
CPU: Intel Pentium IV 2GHz or higher (compatible with 64-bit architecture)
Memory: 2GB or higher (recom 4GB)
Hard Drive: Over 25 GB of free space

Adapted to all age groups

Deepin its simplicity it is maintained since its installation. You have a dock (which can be termed as application bar) and notification icons. Go to the launcher to access your favorite programs and ánclalos to the dock for quick access. O uses notifications to display the time or set the network connection, among other things.

You can customize to your liking. From a compact launcher or full screen, make the bar will automatically hide or change the size of icons for an enjoyable experience on touch screens.

This system is friendly for those from Microsoft Windows and certain software is Compatible to run.

Enhanced Linux

Although based on LinuxWe seek to differentiate with an elegant and harmonious graphical environment. It is, therefore, born Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) that integrates with original application ready to use.

You can summarized accounts listen to music, watch movies, Look at the calendar, make mathematical operations, do Backups, among others. The API is free to use to create other applications with DDE.

An extensive catalog

Deepin has a extensive catalog Recreational, labor, social and use.

With the App Store, You can get more than 100 applications. Previously tested to maintain their stability. They include suites Office automation WPS Y LibreOffice, Managers games like Steam Y lutris, Web browsers, messaging (Telegram) And other essential.

We are open to add more software, make your comments

Deepin Store 5.0

Some figures on Deepin


Applications available approximately Deepin Store.


Facilities million accumulated until June 2017.


The philosophy of Deepin distribution is reflected in its motto "We do, we change': we do, we change. In short, our goal is to get a fast, enjoyable and simple operating system for any user.

First, all software is managed from its repositories in several countries. From the beginning, you can open documents, undertake productivity or entertainment and more. While downloads or other applications that need you check the Updates of the system.

In addition it supports graphics drivers several brands. Make changes in some respects from the control centerSuch as keyboard, mouse, display, network and several to include. More information on Manual settings dedicated to.

To close this brief introduction, we note that you can combine to your liking. With icons, wallpapers, widgets Y window styles. There are several reasons to use it (and you We teach from zero). So, there is not pretext to try!

We do, we change

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Eli (@eli)
2 years ago

Very good review, Deepin was the first distro that I really invite you to leave Windows without looking back.

RhymeDanger (@rhymedanger)
2 years ago

Deepin is the best!

Ramon Milian
Ramon Milian (@ramonmilian)
1 year ago

GNU Linux the most beautiful in existence.

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