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Deepin It is an operating system focused on simplicity, productivity and good management. Belonging to Deepin Wuhan Technology Co. Ltd. China a company based in Wuhan, in that country. Since 2015 the multinational is a member of the Linux Foundation, linked and committed to open source projects and technologies linked to GNU / Linux.

We will bring a semblance this wonderful operating system. Feel free to learn more afond in the related articles or share with your friends.

History of development

This operating system was born in 2004 as "Hiweed Linux" based on Ubuntu and the desktop environment XFCE low power. Because of its success, in 2009, he changed its name to Deepin. And in 2011, the organization internationalized with Deepin Wuhan Technology.

It enshrined in 2015 as an independent service. His union with the Linux Foundation, Intel alliance, changing Ubuntu to Debian base software and its new graphical environment. As a result, Deepin has its own environment. Tools to develop applications (APIS and Toolkits) were developed based on QT.

Companies of the same nature also revolutionize the Linux market. Google with Android, Valve video games and RedHat with your business ecosystem, are examples.


The philosophy of Deepin distribution is reflected in its motto "We do, we change': we do, we change. In short, our goal is to get a fast, enjoyable and simple operating system for any user.

First, all software is managed from its repositories in several countries. From the beginning, you can open documents, undertake productivity or entertainment and more. While downloads the applications you need or you check the Updates of the system.

This system is Microsoft Windows compatible Y graphics drivers. Make changes in some respects from the control centerSuch as keyboard, mouse, display, network and several to include. More information on official manual.

To close this brief introduction, we note that you can combine to your liking. With icons, wallpapers window styles. So, there is no excuse to try it!

Small letter

To ensure stability, used as the basis Deepin Debian (Specifically Stable branch). Veterana highlighting its distribution system empacamiento agile and reliable. Also, developers can make applications written in DTK (Compatible with QT).

To differentiate yourself, your graphical environment is designed to show elegance. It is, therefore, born Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) that integrates with original application ready to use. In short, they integrate with greater harmony in the calendar configuration, App Store, Among others.

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Very good review, Deepin was the first distro that I really invite you to leave Windows without looking back.


Deepin is the best!

Ramon Milian

GNU Linux the most beautiful in existence.