Deepin translations

Deepin has a team of translators in various languages. our community participates from Deepin 15 in interpreting phrases into Spanish. There are hundreds of lines for the interface. In addition to applications and others.

How we translate

Where translations are saved

Most of the lines are kept in the foldertranslation of the application. For example, for the launcher it is: /usr/share/dde-launcher/translation.

How to participate

To participate contact us with us. Please communicate in the live chat on the Telegram channel. To enter the group dedicated to translation, we have a series of criteria of the participants to have a good coordination. We thank you for your understanding. These are the following points:

  • Be someone who is a native of the language or who is fluent in Spanish.
  • Know the operation of Deepin (or GNU / Linux, at least).
  • Stay up-to-date on operating system issues, as the newer lines, in their original language, would involve new features.
  • Be sociable, as we have a group of translators focused on knowing the application interface to make decisions.

In general, we have an indicative in the articles in the form of a banner for the documentation of translations in Deepin:

Esta página es una guía orientadora del Equipo Deepin en Español. El propósito es estandarizar las traducciones de la interfaz de usuario, parte importante en la distribución masiva del sistema operativo a los hablantes del idioma.