You use Deepin OS every day, you enjoy, you love all its interface and features, but have you ever wondered the meaning of the word Deepin? In Spanish many pronounce it «Depin»As it is read in our language, while the word nevertheless had to be pronounced«Dipin"Because it is really a transportation to theEnglish of the meaning of the original Mandarin name which we are pleased to explain today.

And we say 'Transportation"Because the word"Deepin»It does not actually exist in the English language therefore it is not a translation in the literal sense of the word. So "Deepin"Would be a Slang* more (or pun) of the original word inEnglish "Deep« whichyes has many slangs in use by the natives of the language. Those who know the language of Shakespeare and George Orwell immediately grasp the meaning of the name 'Deepin»Whereas for the natives of other languages ​​this is not the case.

Something beautiful is palpable in the Deepin interface, its transparency, color contrast, the softness in its corners and menus reinforce the sense of logic and visual naturalness of the Operating System. There is depth in Deepin OS.

In the country where Deepin was born; China, it is known as «depth OS»(Depth OS in direct translation from Chinese to English) but the word can also mean «In the deep»Originally in Mandarin. That's where we get Deepin ' (Deeping or Deep-in) in Spanish Going Deeper or "Well Inside."

Now you know the meaning and correct pronunciation of the name Deepin 🙂 when you use it the next time you will know exactly why you like this system so much, you will notice even more its elegance, simplicity and the sense of space and depth.

Deepin OS is elegant in its interface, simple in its guides and manuals, spacious in the places where it places its options so that everything looks clean and visually pleasing to the eyes, but Deepin shows above all depth and care in every important aspect of its interface graph.

There is a powerful reason why it has so many followers around the globe and why it continues to grow by leaps and bounds every day, Deepin does it better than others, Deepin changes the rules and invites you to continue deepening in its techno-revolution,

Join him today and enjoy like the rest of us!

*Slang It is known as Slang to the colloquial and informal registration slang used in the English language.

Note: Deepin, DeepinOS and the deepin logo are registered trademarks of Deepin Wuhan Technology Co. Ltd and was consulted as a reference and source during the writing of this article.

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orfeo (@orfeo)
3 años atrás

The answer has come to me, before I could ask the question. Thank you!
Tenía ganas de saber la correcta pronunciación, pues en diversos vídeos escuchaba pronunciar «depin».
En cuanto al significado, me lo imaginaba, pero claro, si el nombre no procediese del inglés deep, me estaría equivocando.
Tenía intención de preguntar por aquí, pero gracias a tu artículo, Eli, quedo informado y aclarado.

ProgramacionJS (@programacionjs)
3 años atrás

I started reading "Depin"
salgo leyendo «Dipin»
gracias  Eli

jhalo (@jhalo)
3 años atrás

As a Hispanic I will always say "Depin", because it is closer to our identity, in a way it is affection, just as Anglo-Saxons say "Lainux" instead of "Linux". As an anecdote, it always seemed like something Porn controversial the name of the distribution, in fact once I searched on twitter for information about the distribution and found something that I did not expect ... I leave it to the reader's imagination, but I knew that the Chinese had a purer meaning for deepin. Thanks for the input, very informative.

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