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Greetings to all. I present a brief guide for those who seek to correct Deepin or its applications. It consists of using the application «Deepin Comments» or Deepin Feedback. Keep in mind that it is focused only on our users in Deepin and does not act with services carried by other communities.

What are the comments of Deepin or Feeback

Deepin's comments consist of a pending list that Deepin's team is delighted to resolve them. As the OS is growing, a good review helps millions of users feel confident in using it. For example, if you report bugs with the rincident log, you help us to feel stable in the following versions.

In what time job comments:

  • You found an interface error (graphic glitich).
  • The operating system does not start (before or after installing).
  • There are problems with Deepin applications (including the Deepin Store).
  • Doubts about the operation of third parties (web search, location, etc.).
  • Any complaints in general.

How to draw step by step

One. Access Comments

Primero, pregúnta a ti mismo, ¿está funcionando correctamente Deepin? Si estás en el sistema operativo tendrás que acceder a la aplicación «Comentarios de Deepin». De lo contrario, omítelo.

Después que abras, Deepin te dará la opción de subir un registro de errores. Es opcional, y basta usar la contraseña de root.


Una vez listo irás a la página web de Comentarios de Deepin (o Rellena el formulario (en inglés, si es posible):

  • Escribe el título. Después pasa a la caja de texto.
  • In «Please input the detailed title of your suggestion or problem», explica qué sugerencia o comentarios das.
  • El segundo, «Please input the detailed description of your suggestion or problem», describe cómo ocurre el incoveniente. Si vas a comentar, escribe también.
  • In «Problem reproduce frequency», señala cuantas veces ocurre el incidente. Es opcional.
  • Al final señala el Sistema operativo y el Entorno de escritorio (obviamente en este sistema operativo es Deepin y dde).
  • Si el problema esta relacionado con el hardware ademas deberás enviar el log del sistema;  este se obtiene digitado el siguiente comando en el terminal sudo deepin-feedback-cli el cual dejara un archivo comprimido en tu Home.
  • Ahora sube los comentarios.

Eso es todo. No olvides guardar la página dónde se guarda este comentario. Es posible que respondan en unos días, ten paciencia.

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Jose Cante
Jose Cante (@josecante)
7 meses atrás

Hi, I have just installed deepin 20 beta and I wanted to add the deepines repositories because I find their articles great but when downloading the .deb file I cannot install it, it marks me an error in the installation of the package

this is the error that throws me,
(Reading database… 184621 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack… / Deepines-Repository-3.1_AMD64.DEB…
An error occurred while applying changes: debconf: unable to initialize frontend: Passthrough
debconf: (Cannot connect to / tmp / qapt-sock: No such file or directory at (eval 18) line 3.)
debconf: falling back to frontend: noninteractive
dpkg: error processing archive /home/antonio/Downloads/Deepines-Repository-3.1_AMD64.DEB (–install):
new deepines-repository package pre-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1
debconf: unable to initialize frontend: Passthrough
debconf: (Cannot connect to / tmp / qapt-sock: No such file or directory at (eval 18) line 3.)
debconf: falling back to frontend: noninteractive
Were Encountered errors while processing:

If you could help me I would appreciate it, I tell you I AM A NOVICE IN LINUX TO BE EXACT

ABRAHAM ORTEGA (@abrahamortega)
2 meses atrás

No pueddo abrir mi ordenador portartil donde instale deppin nom reconoce mi contraseña o yo no me acuerdo. Por favor necesito ayuda .

ABRAHAM ORTEGA (@abrahamortega)
2 meses atrás

tambie intente instalar la tienda deppin y no hubo forma,

RealAct (@realact)
2 años atrás

An excellent way that Deepin has to keep in touch with its users and continue improving the system together, thank you for explaining it in detail.

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