previously explained as support system using the tool TimeShiftWe have also talked about how to backup and restore the system using Deepin Clone. In this article we show how to restore Deepin disaster using a previously created backup TimeShift.

If you face the problem it does not mean that the system does not boot just triggers the application and continue with the next step. Otherwise if the main system is not bootable, then it is possible to boot from a Deepin System Live CD or using a Linux Live CD any other distro, and install Timeshift in the live system to proceed with restoration. If you need to download TimeShift we have prepared a download below:


Descargar “TimeShift” timeshift-v18.9.1-amd64.deb – Descargado 891 veces – 592 KB

If it was not necessary to go to a LiveCD and you can access your system simply open the application choose backup and press "Restore"(Restore) on the top bar and follow the instructions.

If you're restoring from an LiveCD however the process is a little different because once installed the tool within the environment Live this should set it to know where your backups are saved so you can use them for restoration. When you open the application for the first time within the environment Live Really the guider configuration as the next shot, but yet have to close this window as it lacks useful in this case:

Close this window

Closing the window shown above the main selling application will automatically open then as in the example below, there you need to click 'Settings"(Setup) on the top bar of the window:

In primary window TimeShift click on Settings

After the above step once inside the window 'Settings"(Options / Settings) must click on the tab"Location"(Location) and indicate the disk or partition where you have saved your backups previously created with TimeShift as in the example below:

Click 'Location"And select the disk or partition backups

Once you click on the disk or partition backups desired TimeShift remember that selection, now only close that window and you're back in the main window of the application where this time you will see the list of backups on disk or partition selected in the previous step as in the image below:

Choose backup and click "Restore" (Restore)

After selecting the backup and have clicked Restore then you will see next window in which you need to make sure that the backups are disk / partition where you originally installed Deepin (installation is now damaged and you want to recover). For more safety and less confusion in the next step at this time I recommend disconnecting any external disk except that where the backups are located. However in most cases all selections default auto-selected by TimeShift are correct, more ASEGURATE that they are, or else you will lose all information on that disk or partition.

Make sure that the restoration will be done to correct disk

If you want to change something in the bootloader or if you want to move it to another partition beam then click on "Bootloader Options (Advanced)"And there you can change options bootloaderIf you think you do not need to re-install or want to make any changes in this regard must then open the option and uncheck all options to re-install and update Grub as in the image below, however I recommend you to leave everything as is, the re-installation and upgrade Grub It should not cause any problems. If after finishing the backup you can not enter Deepin then perform the restoration again and this time be sure not to uncheck the options of re-installation Grub.

If you want to change options Grub

After changing options Grub If you decide to make that part which again; It is not required; then closed the small window and proceeds and click on "Next"(Next) and then TimeShift start analyzing the contents of the backup and the information on the disk / partition destination to see which files need to re-deploy as shown below:


When the process will show a list of all the files affected and which will be changed to the backup performed:

List of files that will be changed

If you agree then click "Next'To begin the restoration, by doing this TimeShift it will show a final warning that is what you will do before, once you accept the next window by clicking on Next there is no turning back, so be sure that what is shown is what you want.

Final warning

At the end TimeShift will ask you to re-launch the machine, if everything went well you'll be back on the desk Deepin as it was when you made the support to which you returned.

I hope this guide will help if you have any questions or find any errors please let us know via a comment.

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LeviB (@levib)
1 year ago

Very complete tutorial, thanks.
[email protected] (@fedencinas)
11 months ago

excellent tutorial, complete and well explained
[email protected] (@fedencinas)
11 months ago

Great news

Isaías Gätjens M
Isaías Gätjens M (@igatjens)
4 months ago

The TimeShift installation command is:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install timeshift


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