A parental control system is a tool that for example allows parents to control and / or limit the content that their children can access, protecting them from potential threats they may encounter on the Internet.

Laboon Access It is a parental control application developed by Sebastian Trujillo @ S384 Github member of our community and the team of Latin Code. It has a very intuitive interface that offers the necessary tools for this task.

How to use

Immediately after opening the application "root password protected" will press the + icon to add the urls block we want: this can be a short form (single domain) to add in the corresponding field, finally press OK. Repeat this process for each block is required url.

Finished the previous step, where we add one or more addresses, will press the save icon. These restrictions will take effect after reboot.

We hope you like and be useful the first version of this excellent utility in the future new features like a second password will be added when editing restrictions and also an option for the user to select a list of pre urls set by the author .


Compiled by our community package is available in our repository deepines. as you should always add to the system to then install it from synaptic terminal or the command:

update && sudo apt sudo apt install laboon-access

Descargar “DEEPINES 3.1” Deepines-Repository-3.1_AMD64.DEB – Descargado 34905 veces – 8 KB

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Eli (@eli)
1 year ago

Excellent software, thanks to  s384 to develop this program.

LeviB (@levib)
1 year ago

Very good collaboration.

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