The third version of Deepin this year comes new; Deepin is a Linux distribution dedicated to providing a nice, easy to use, safe and reliable for users worldwide system. It is a GNU / Linux open source operating system based on the Linux kernel and mainly in desktop applications, laptops, desktops and all-in-one.

The same preinstalls Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) and almost 30 Deepin native applications as well as several applications open source community to meet the learning needs and daily work of users code. Moreover, in Deepin Store about one thousand applications are offered to meet the diverse needs of users.

Bienvenido a la versión 15.11 de Deepin. Comparado con el Deepin 15.10, el Deepin 15.11 viene con nuevas características: Sincronización en la nube en el Centro de Control y función de grabación de discos en el Administrador de Archivos de Deepin. Además, el gestor de ventanas kwin fue corregido y optimizado para una mejor estabilidad y compatibilidad, y se corrigieron una serie de errores. En deepin 15.11, disfrutarás de una experiencia de usuario suave y mejor!

new Arrivals

dde-kwin – Cada vez mejor. Se ha mejorado notablemente con docenas de bugs corregidos, es más ligero, bonito y compatible.

Improvements to dde-kwin

Deepin Store – Reconoce automáticamente tu región. En Deepin Store 5.3, si te registras, tu región se determinará en función de la ubicación de tu Deepin ID. De lo contrario, se determinará en función de la ubicación de tu dirección IP.

Sync - Sync system settings with a single click. After logging in Deepin ID in the Control Center, you can automatically synchronize the system settings to the cloud, including network settings, sound settings, mouse settings, the update settings, power settings, settings corner, theme, wallpaper, launcher and coupling. You can choose to disable the specified options or all of them. With this feature, you can go and work on another computer without problems.
NoteThis feature is only available for users with Deepin location ID in mainland China at this time. It will soon be available to users in other regions.

Disc Burning - Burn data on disc easily. The disc recording function is now available in the File Manager Deepin. When you have an optical drive, insert the CD / DVD and click the right mouse button on the file to start recording immediately.

Deepin Movie - Drag and drop to load subtitles. You can now drag and drop files to Deepin Movie subtitles, captions and upload them directly.

Dock - Displays the capacity and time remaining. Placing the cursor over the battery icon, you can view information about the tool showing capacity, remaining time or the charging time required.

Apart from the new features described above, this new edition system brings countless arrangements bugs, some of which they have been previously reported.


For a full list of changes please visit The official announcement this release.

What do you think about it?

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Antonio Arapovic

THE BEST EVER STOPS ME NOT AGREE TO ANYTHING CHANGE Deepin is the most versatile MODERN...Read more »



LA 15.10 very good excellent performance and stability I do not throw me any mistake, I'll upgrade to 15.11


It is advisable to install the 15.11 from scratch because there are native applications that come in the store (China) since...Read more »


@ Gjcelis7 like that? must identify the correct language and region based on your IP, but still, I think you should...Read more »


Regards. Regarding the former, so entering the store account, I can not because it appears in Mandarin....Read more »


@ Gjcelis7 If I just realized that that option no longer exists in the store, although this in Mandarin...Read more »


No problems so far, it seems a good release.

Oscar Losada

Hello, warm greetings. On the computer it has installed the version 15.11. You have two questions: 1) is stable or unstable?...Read more »

Aluisco Ricardo Mastrapa

Hi, thanks for particiar forum, version 15.11 is stable, as does your lsb_release to install...Read more »

Oscar Losada


Thanks for your answer

Oscar Losada


Thank you!


Ramon Milian

Stable and fast.


Very good this new update.


Cloud everywhere.


Everything went well with Deepin 15.11.