Deepin Mirror

Deepin in Spanish is available at our Deepin Mirror. It is free for members of the community in America and Europe. East mirror (Mirror) ensures that the content is at the day, making two daily revisions made to the official server in China.

Said repository contains all complete software and authorized Deepin. In addition, it has technical characteristics that put it at the level of the most efficient servers. It provides a more than reasonable download rate, both in America and Europe.

Note: This repository is replaceable to the original repository Deepin without modifying other packages.
If you want additional software and / or original community, uses Deepines.

Repository URL

Binary repository (Functional in Deepin 20)

deb [by-hash = force] https://mirror.deepines.com/testing/deepin-20-beta/ apricot main contrib non-free

Source code repository

deb-src https://mirror.deepines.com/testing/deepin-20-beta/ apricot main contrib non-free


How to use it

Deepin from our mirror version 15.8 is included as an option "Alicante»In the control center. If you want to know how to change it through the system's graphical interface, please visit the following tutorial which explains it in detail, it is the easiest way to do it without having to enter the terminal or edit files:

Cambiar Espejo