The news was expected by the community and finally we can announce Deepin migration to the stable branch of Debian.

ISO Deepin 15.9.2 Beta (testing phase) is built according to the repository "stable" instead of the "unstable" Debian that was previously used. All applications Deepin have adapted and migrated to the new stable base.

Migration to stable repository aims to improve the stability and underlying security. The software in Debian stable branch has been strictly tested and is relatively stable.

Also from now, we will support the Debian security team to keep updates and security patches in a timely manner. Ensuring no amount of vulnerabilities to PCs.

In the case of Debian updates, the development team will optimize and maintain the Deepin nimbly, with the aim of incorporating these into the system and App Store, within a week.

expected improvements with this migration

  • more effective response to security vulnerabilities of software.
  • Improvements in stability and performance with each system update
  • Better support (support) for third-party applications. Via Deepin Store.
  • Better support for our enterprise customers.
  • Will be updated in parallel some programs by the Debian stable repository. Versions, somewhat outdated by then, like Chrome, Firefox, LibreOffice and other applications will be updated to ensure better usability.

Publisher Feedback

Since Deepin 15.9.2 Beta (test version) is the first edition after migrating to Debian stable repository, comments and suggestions are greatly needed to help us improve. Please visit the feedback Post.

Deepin in Spanish considered very positive and encouraging for this measure since we suggested repeatedly. Seeing the problems posed cut and freeze an "unstable" base (known as SID) generated breaks dependency, even in the same Debian or incompatibility generated. After some time, cut this' also dependencies "as Deepin longer strictly correspond to no matter who of Debian.

An example would be known wine-hq or other external package looking dependencies, specific to some of the official branches.

We also believe that our deepines repository play an even more crucial role, supporting compatible to the official repository paquetera modern versions and of course we are ready to redouble our efforts "By Deepin better every day."

Direct download: 15.9.2 Deepin ISO Beta

Sourceforge download: 15.9.2 Deepin ISO Beta


What do you think about it?

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Wilson Carranza

This benefits in that one so to speak novice user and using the OS and applications to function in college or home? ... Thank you for your prompt response

Isaías Gätjens M

In short, Deepin is safer and works with fewer errors than before.

In the same article says although with some technical language, but in other words, the work already done team Debian instead of returning to "invent warm water" takes advantage, repairs Debian security exploits that published fairly quickly, that applications are well proven then they do not fail or fail very little.

An analogy is that the stable branch offers "products" already completed and tested, while the unstable branch offers 'products' development and experimental, "prototypes", with consequent uncertainty of whether or not work well.


Hey, Wilson!

What Car tells us is that the changes undertaken will result in a more streamlined and efficient as well as representing a better basis for the applications we use so.

These are the benefits broadly.




What good news, Car!

Every day that passes I love more Deepin. It is exciting to see all the effort and work put into each new system update. I always look with concern the new editions.

A hug.



this is a new update or must download and install the ISO ???


It has pintaca !!

Irwin Manuel Boom Gamez

If we are in SID, whether if in the next release touching install from 0

Jorge Madryn

Yesterday I downloaded version 15.9.2 ... says nothing about this beta ... .¿ is based on stable devian? I'm glad if Hasi ...

Svetoslav Stoilov

i love i, so far no issues


Truly excellent news and much anticipated, this is one of the first steps to Deepin OS is one of the most stable environments and used worldwide

Luter Altedral

I am anxious. Is there any forecast when the final version is released?