Here we will see some features on the expected 1.7 Deepin Files and improvements in this version. we have waited for the release of this for several months and although we knew of some of the improvements there are some details that might have escaped notice some and that can be very useful.


Dark theme

One of the features most requested in when customizing Deepin was the dark theme. To set the dark to file Deepin issue, we just have to click on the upper right corner of a window as shown here and select "Dark Theme '

So we can establish the dark theme of Deepin file.


Viewing Files & Documents

One of the features most users unknown Deepin is viewing files. To view a file you just have to click the file, then press the Space key (Space). Files that can be displayed are:

Pictures and images:

Viewing a photo.


You can view documents as PDF, text files, etc. It is still not compatible with Word, WPS or Libreoffice documents.


You can listen to your music via the file manager Deepin file


Until we can see video using Deepin file.

Compressed files:


Deepin file tabs

Deepin files gives the option to open multiple tab in the same manager. To make you to click and choose the option law "Open in new tab". This will give us access to open more tabs at the top.


formatting USB

To format a USB memory is simple, unlike Nautilus, Deepin file with said integrated function comes from some earlier versions. We just have to be right clicking on it from memory. Example:

We may change or set a name to the USB memory and format type.

Formatting process.


Mounted disc automatically or prevent ride

To make this option we go to Settings:

Mount seek, there is the option to mount or dismount automatically:


Show hidden files

To show or hide hidden files in Deepin file, we just press CTRL + H

Another way to show hidden files is going to settings, windows and tabs. There is the option to show hidden files.


Tags Deepin

This option is new in Deepin file, data can group them either by color or by a name you assign them. You can have all your files quickly and easily at your fingertips. Example:

Grouping, Orange

You can see the group by that color.


We can also group files by name and color. Example:

Grouped by name and Yellow Color Photos

These are some of the best features of Deepin 1.7 File outstanding. I hope you find one that is your favorite, feel free to tell us what is through a comment, we'd love to know your opinion about it, what is still missing in Deepin files that you'd like to see in your next release?

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Ricardo Diaz de la Calle
Ricardo Diaz de la Calle (@ricardo-diaz-de-la-calle)
2 years ago

To access remotely with fish or sftp protocols would be fine. The preview of each file on another side panel (which can be disabled if not like) without having to double click on each of them would also be great.

jace (@jace)
2 years ago

Hi, I have a problem after upgrading to 1.7 "Deepin closed files'
is that when I click to subfolders of a disk or home folders, music, downloads etc Deepin the files closed without further.
which could be the problem, is there any way to reset or re-install?
please help

Rombo (@car)
Answering to jace
2 years ago

Open Synaptic remove dae-file-manager and reinstall

michael biller
michael biller (@michael-biller)
2 years ago

I really like the new Deepin File Manager 1.7. It is one of the best file managers in any distro. One feature I would like to see is a common view for all folders. Dolphin has esta feature.

I prefer my folders to sort all my files by type. Adding function esta Along With the other suggestions would put Deepin File Manager right there with Dolphin. In a way, it is as good Already. It just needs a few tweaks to push it over the top.

I just downloaded Deepin 15.5 Beta and I'm looking forward to trying it. A few reviews Have me concerned, but it is beta. I will not pass judgment just yet.

15.5 Deepin was closing in on near perfection. I would hate for the momentum to be lost by aimless development.

Do not change things Just Because you can. As long as the developers remember - If it is not broke, do not fix it - Deepin will continue to lead the pack in innovation.

Eli (@eli)
Answering to michael biller
2 years ago

Hi there michael biller michael biller, Welcome to the community, it's a great to have you around. I also love Deepin Files and like you I would love to see features: such as "Common View" but I think it'll take some time before we see advanced features Such as These make it into the OS, but it will get there though, I'm sure.

I think you meant 15.6? Yeah it's still a little rough around the edges but I think it'll turn out to be a great release.


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