Deepin continues to be noticed by the high echelons of technology and open source in China, which augurs a bright future for distribution. RecentlyMr. Wenhuan Liu general manager of Deepin Technology was awarded the prize Outstanding Contributor to the China 2020 Open Source according to the social blog

It is exciting to see that every day the road to success for this system is forged and that the future is bright even if some doubt it. In recent days we have seen some new images and some other videos that record the current development of UOS and the upcoming community version of the operating system, which we look forward to.

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Moreover the official deepin account on Twitter @linux_deepin She has been more active than usual and from there they have kept us on the edge of the seat asking us what's next. Recently he flirted with this image which preludes the future of notebooks with Deepin or UOS installed, either one or the other, this is good news as they indicate great plans in the immediate future.

The company continues to evangelize for the adoption of the Linux desktop in China and the world, introducing the open source community of the Deepin operating system. At the 15th China Open Source World Summit Forum, the Mr. Wenhuan Liu, CEO of DTH, shared his thoughts on the topic of Open Source for Linux. on Desktop Wars, and gave his thoughts on the Deepin OS open source community, you can see it in action in the following video recorded during that conference.

And you, what do you think of all this? Do you think the launch of Deepin 20 is on the doorstep or do you think it will still take time and make us wait a little longer? Share your ideas about it with the rest of the community by means of a message below and let us know your opinion.

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Uriel Rea García
Uriel Rea García (@urielreagarcia)
19 días atrás

I'm sorry it will take: c I have the beta but I don't think I will change to the latest stable version the beta is very stable, even if there is no doubt Deepin is the most beautiful distro of all linux

Matias Reyes
Matias Reyes (@mati2020)
Answering to Uriel Rea García
18 days ago

It is for sure the most beautiful Linux distribution, in my case the beta is very fast.

Car (@car)
Answering to Uriel Rea García
18 days ago

It is possible that next week we will have news

Jare GM
Jare GM (@jaregm)
Answering to Car
18 days ago

We will see what the internal tests carried out for deepin 20 give of, which, a priori, end on July 25, waiting with (in) patience.

Martin Valladares
Martin Valladares (@mvalladares2006)
Answering to Car
17 days ago

Will there be a new beta or the definitive one ?????

TonyRevuelta (@tonyrevuelta)
16 days ago

Excellent to see that they continue working, although I would like to see more trouble with that community version.

Edgar Bastidas
Edgar Bastidas (@edgarbastidas)
18 days ago

I installed in my MagicBook the latest beta version of deepin V20 and it really works very well, it is stable, fast and very nice! Congratulations to the deepin team for excellent work! Successes

Luis Vicente Castillo Corbella
Luis Vicente Castillo Corbella (@luis-vicente-castillo-corbella)
18 days ago

But at the speed things are going with Deepin, well at least in the middle of 21st, if they still don't get another beta, or some big update, and that store that looks like an antique store, nothing moves, and the failures that have been there without correction for a long time, they need to put the batteries and at least communicate more why this.

XOdein (@xodein)
Answering to Luis Vicente Castillo Corbella
18 days ago

Luis Vicente Castillo Corbella says the man who uses Bugbuntu 🤣 🤣 possibly!

Ernesto Junco
Ernesto Junco (@ernesto_junco)
19 días atrás

Great, the tablet that will be a concept or something real?

Alex Andrade
Alex Andrade (@alex-andrade-30)
Answering to Ernesto Junco
17 days ago

I do not think they are real, probably a concept as you say, but as I would like to get my hands on one of those tablets jjjjji

Car (@car)
Answering to Alex Andrade
17 days ago

They are real, months ago we showed an interview with one of the developers of deepin where he explained that he was working in an environment for portable ARM devices and as a novelty he added that deepin phone manager the application to interact with Smart Phones is being finished and that for what can be superior to KDE CONNECT

Ernesto Junco
Ernesto Junco (@ernesto_junco)
Answering to Car
12 days ago

Exciting news then, I hope they can be purchased in no time.

Frank Alvarez
Frank Alvarez (@franky08)
18 days ago

Good to see that deepin continues to stand out. Does anyone know exactly what or what those boxes are for?

Juan Ospina
Juan Ospina (@juan-ospina)
18 days ago

I would buy one of those tablets with deepin installed better than an ipad, not only for the system but for the price hahaha I'm sure that this combination of deepin together with great hardware design is going to be a success.

DarioAR (@darioar)
Answering to Juan Ospina
12 days ago

If only they sold them outside of China, but I don't think that will be the case.

Alberto Jiménez
Alberto Jiménez (@alberto2003)
18 days ago

Excellent, good news. I haven't been deepin in a long time and I really like it.

Juan Osorio
Juan Osorio (@juan877osorio)
14 days ago

Anywhere where I can watch the video with Spanish subtitles?

Arceli (@arceli)
13 days ago

Excellent, I like it.

Jesús Martín Rodríguez
Jesús Martín Rodríguez (@jesusmartinrodriguez)
13 days ago

I figure a new patch update but in the end I get that the update fails, please if someone has solved your contribution, thank you very much!

Luis Linux
Luis Linux (@ddluislinuxfinal)
10 days ago

I like it

Car (@car)
18 days ago

Beautiful!! Could convergence be coming? ;))

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