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Hi folks, already confirmed, Deepin V20 is delayed by the outbreak of coronavirus Wuhan. Today February 12th I got up this news (I wake up relatively late, because my time zone is GMT-6), it has been published by Aida on the official forum of Deepin. Aida is who usually publishes news

A few days ago we mentioned it was possible that Deepin V20 is delayed, it is now confirmed.

The original publication is the next.

公告】 【V20 Deepin 将 延期 至 2020 年 3 月份 发布 _v20 delayed

亲爱 的 社区 成员 Deepin,

大家 好!

预计 于 本 月底 发布 的 版本 V20, 由于 疫情 原因, 在 开发 进度 上 受到 了 一定 影响, 所以 V20 版本 将 延后 至 3 月份 发布, 具体 发布 时间 尚未 明确. 感谢 大家 对于 Deepin 的 支持, 请 大家 谅解,谢谢.

自 2 月 3 日 起, Deepin 已 全面 开启 远程 办公, 目前 已 确认 无 一 人 感染 疫情, 请 大家 放心.

我们 一定 会 尽快 为 大家 献上 v20 版本 的!

Deepin Dear Community Members,

Hello everyone!

Due to the impact of Wuhan coronavirus, our development process has-been AFFECTED. THEREFORE, the V20 version will be postponed to March. The exact launch time is unknown. Thank you for your support.

Following is the translation of the message in Chinese to Spanish.

[Ad] Deepin V20 will be postponed until March 2020 - v20 delayed

Deepin Dear members of the community.

Hi everyone! It was expected that (Deepin) V20 would be launched later this month (February). Because of the epidemic situation, the progress of development has been affected to some extent, so the V20 will be postponed until March and has not determined the specific launch time. Thank you for your support Deepin, please excuse me, thank you.

Since February 3, it has completed the opening of Deepin remote offices. At present, it has not been confirmed that no one is infected. Rest assured, we will definitely offer all the v20 version as soon as possible!

In previous communications we said, "We plan to finish the development work Deepin V20 in late February and launch the beta for public testing in March 2020". This leaves us with the question whether it relates to public beta testing or final release.

We try to resolve this doubt and tell them the answer as soon as possible.

Mind, the future looks bright

Community spirit, although there is an atmosphere both pessimistic about the new version of Deepin caused by the long wait and successive delays, I am optimistic after testing a new commercial Deepin brother, UOS. I also followed news UOS in China, everything looks a lot looking to share in the Chinese institutional and business sector. If UOS obtained in the Chinese market stability, safe community version will also benefit, because they belong to the same family.

If you want to share a summary of the news of UOS in China, let me know in the comments.


Deepin contacted Wuhan Technology, asked if they expected to launch in March Deepin V20 beta or final version. The answer is that in March expect to launch the beta for public testing, and the next month (April) the final version.


What do you think about it?

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Marcel Bernal

It seems ridiculous to think about launching a product, whatever it is, with which are there in China;
That comes when all are well, for my part I esperaaré whatever it takes, it is gratiss.
A greeting and a lot of strength to the developers of this wonder of Deepin, encouraged the Chinese people


Marcel BernalMarcel Bernal I agree with you not because so urgently


Matias Iocco

The first is health and family, then this work.
A lot of strength and I encourage all developers, I keep waiting whatever it takes.


Thanks for keeping us informed about Deepin and development.

Ramon Milian

I hope there are no more delays and even after March, fingers crossed.

Martín Lobos

Yes! We want UOS news summary! Thank you for reporting as ever.


Too bad the delays continue, what I fear is that some are tired of waiting.


thanks Isaiah

Loren Ipsum

I'm glad that developers are not affected by this virus,
Isaiah Gätjens Mandales greetings and respect, I wish you luck with the development and care of your health!


Thank you


The next version will be the best of all!


Good thing I none of them has been affected by this tragedy.


When you leave the beta for public testing it is something that can be updated from the installation which is already on the computer? I'm new to linux and discover new Deepin and this forum, excuse ignorance.


Quejadera is so stupid, first, because it is for health reasons, ie are Asians! clearly not out of laziness ¬¬ and second, because since January already known that until March did not come out the Beta ... What is surprising and a cause for celebration is already for April comes out Stable and yes no one expected!

P.S. which is bored of waiting in distrowatch there at least 99 recommendations the more ... Now stop fucking about things that do not charge, who do not pay and which do not contribute! ¬¬

Javier Igartua

Greetings to everyone here, and I wanted to thank you for this update direct news. Use Deepin from Google+. What I had never crossed his mind that would be reflected Coronaviruz theme; days ago was looking for information and to download an image out there that can not even install. Thanks again !!

Juan Carlos

One would expect tomorrow Deepin 20 ....... ????


since there is already an upgrade, but I have not updated .. someone already did


Juan Carlos

Avatarcessar really? I do not get niguna update.



@Juan Carlos

indeed, it is no longer the morning and at 7:30 was one of a little more than 200 Mb.

Juan Carlos

Avatarcessar estabnan might auditioning, I'll be careful!


Aluisco Ricardo Mastrapa

For those who see the output of Deepin v20 as urgent the situation that is leading the country today because of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), but rather I think is that because quarantined idle time they have what are devoting your project, look good instead to sit lamenting for being sick.


Jare GM

UOS has been updated this March 9.
In the list of updated packages obviously they include a lot of new features to the base of the new stable Deepin.
¿Imminent Release Candidate (RC) of Deepin v20?
10, 9, 8, 7 ...

Mr Staggerlee

Jare GMGM Jare You mean to these 3 packages?





Indeed many new features. : XD


Jare GM


~ $ Apt list -upgradable

Deepin-boot-maker / stable amd64

Deepin-compressor / stable amd64

Deepin-DeviceManager / stable amd64

Deepin-draw / stable amd64

Deepin-editor / stable + rebuild amd64

Deepin-image-viewer / stable amd64

Deepin-log-viewer / stable amd64

Deepin-movie / stable amd64

Deepin-music / stable amd64

Deepin-reader / stable amd64

Deepin-screen-recorder / stable amd64

Deepin-system-monitor / stable amd64

Deepin-voice-note / stable amd64



Mr Staggerlee

Jare GMGM Jare Yes, but you can not be updated because the dependencies are not met



Jare GM

I repeat: This is an update of the UOS commercial version.
But yesterday's update shows the updated Deepin various specific applications packages, which will already be in the Community version of Deepin 20, based on Debian 10 and no current Deepin 15.11.


Good morning everyone, I want to know when will be available the new version of Deepin .... as a suggestion to request information in advance by developers?, which brings back this version v15 v20 about .11?

jibson goitia

no trouble if there is something we have to wait to come out even better, no problem later I hope.


Hi everyone. I am fandeepin and as you all waiting to share more information about the new V20, it is assumed that in March would be shared with the public official beta ... it is understandable po delay issues of epidemic containment, but they should not give false esperanzar to the community which remained faithful to the recommendation and beneficial use of the system without demerit Deepin how excellent they are in their field.


This is understandable, Wuhan is very difficult. Delays can be ... but nowhere is there information on the progress being made by the new version of Deepin V20. Why


Dziękuję za bardzo odpowiedź. Wyjaśniłeś my bardzo poprawnie obecná sytuację i Prace Deepin OS 20. W obecnej sytuacji możemy mieć nadzieję tylko ... Deepin dla mnie jest OS Linux najlepszym systemem jestem i jego wielbicielem. Używałem Deepin Długi przez czas, ale teraz, ponieważ nie mogłem poprawnie używać Minitube problemów oraz z Grafika AMD Radeon i Crossover. Obecnie Kubuntu 19.10 mam się i Udalo my również stworzyć piękny wygląd przypominający Mac OS, to nawet trochę lepiej 🙂

Screenshot 20200331 213447

Thank you very much for your answer. You explained the current situation and work Deepin OS 20. Well, in the current situation we can only wait ... Deepin Linux OS is the best system for me and I am your admirer. Deepin've been using for a long time, but now that I could not use graphics and AMD Radeon Minitube problems and Crossovers correctly. Currently I have Kubuntu 19.10 and could create a beautiful look reminiscent of Mac OS and even a little better 🙂