Deepin 20.2.3 introduces OCR in images. After the last minor update more than a month ago, the team announced a series of patches to improve the experience. Among them is the recognition of printed text of the pictures viewerand hescreen capture, improvements in dual screen support, audio selection adjustments, and compatibility with some brands Wifi.

On its main feature, character recognition will allow anyone to extract content and copy it into any word processor. This works in any language and on a button, saving most the need to install software or manually transcribe.

In addition to receiving the recent Debian 10.10 packages, it introduces an update to the kernels Stable Y LTS of Linux. However, for users who upgraded the system, they will be able to use an older version of the kernel in case they cannot access the operating system.

However, this does not end here, the developers are open to any suggestions or errors to communicate in this version and to be able to offer better support. So this is the time to write to you via This formulary.

Deepin OCR

Change list


  • Optimized: application icons;
  • Fixed: In dual screen extension mode, after dragging a window to the middle of the secondary screen and dropping it, the drag cannot continue.
  • Fixed: Windows dragged continuously even after releasing the mouse button.
  • Fixed: when a part of the window was off the screen, after activating or deactivating the window effect using shortcuts, the position of the window changed.
  • Fixed: after opening multiple applications, using Alt + Tab to switch to desktop, pressing Alt + Tab again to switch application, clicking blank space, initial state was not restored.
  • Fixed: "Super + Shift + Number" shortcut kept working when there were no window thumbnails in multitasking view.
  • Fixed: In multitasking view, "Super + Shift + Number" shortcuts had no effect when a window thumbnail was selected.
  • Fixed: the conflict between deepin-icon-theme packages and the browser.
  • Fixed: the abnormal display of the notification center panel.
  • Fixed: The login interface would hang for 3 minutes due to bad passwords, but then the login interface could not be used fingerprint to unlock it.
  • Fixed: When a wrong fingerprint or password was entered to log in to an unregistered account, the error prompts for another unregistered account were displayed.

Control center:

  • Optimized: sound settings to improve the interactive experience.
  • Fixed: There was no error notice when the repeated password was inconsistent with the new password.
  • Fixed: account cannot be completely deleted.
  • Fixed: when a Bluetooth headset was connected, the sound output changed from a2dp mode to headphones mode; and when switching back to a2dp mode, "Noise Suppression" was displayed on the input interface.
  • Fixed: After switching languages ​​in the language list, while waiting for the logout notice, when clicking "Edit" there, there were blank circles in front of the delete buttons for the languages ​​that had not been selected .
  • Fixed: when searching for "General" in the search box, the option "Keyboard and Language -> General" did not appear in the drop-down box.


  • Added: display settings for multiple screens in the context menu of the dock.
  • Fixed: After connecting an external VGA display, in copy mode, setting the resolution to 1024 × 768 and then rotating the display, the dock was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed: When a secondary display was connected to the DP port for the first time, set to copy mode, full-screen applications would exceed the dock.


  • Added: In full screen mode, the position of the launcher changes after uninstalling an app.
  • Optimized: the swipe range in full screen mode.
  • Fixed: Category names were not displayed in full screen mode.

Screen capture:

  • OCR support has been added to extract text from images.

System Installer:

  • Support for setting wallpapers has been added in the GRUB interface.


  • The LTS kernel has been updated to version 5.10.50, and the stable kernel has been updated to version 5.12.18.

Pictures viewer:

  • OCR support has been added to extract text from images.


  • Fixed: if there were multiple users in the system, the saved password of user A in the browser can be exported after authenticating the access password of user B.
  • Fixed: Browser would crash after taking screenshots in password authentication pop-up interface and saving screenshots.
  • Fixed: Password authentication pop-up box disappeared and was not available after switching to desktop.

Log viewer:

  • Fixed: If the screen display scale was set to 1.25, and the font size was set to large, the notice text was truncated.
  • Fixed: sometimes crashes occurred.

Network card:

  • Fixed: rtl8852ae network card driver to solve signal display problem.
  • Fixed: the rtl8821cu network card was recognized as a USB flash drive.

Download or update Deepin

For now this new version is available in ISO images as we present below:

Meanwhile the update is available via control center or the terminal.

Suggestions source: Deepin BBS (for Chinese), Deepin group on Telegram (for English)

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LeviB (@levib)
1 mes atrás

A question, since deepin fix all the security problems that I had in this update or do you still have to use the patching of this community?

Brandon Guerra
Brandon Guerra (@devilment)
1 mes atrás

The file manager as administrator seems to be bug

profiler 2.0
profiler 2.0 (@profiler-2-0)
1 mes atrás

Diego thanks for the info ... greetings !!

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