Ilustración para sincronizar con DAV, Radicale y DecSync

Synchronize phonebook to the local computer With the help of DAV together with Decsync and Radicale, it is going back to the classic way of unifying the contacts and the calendar to the day. As it happened with the basic telephones when connecting with USB. This guide to Deepin Y Android It will help many to have the data within reach and you only need a local WiFi connection.

Having a local synchronization has advantages that for now works only for both operating systems. It does not depend on Internet speed nor does it consume other resources. In addition, it maintains an agenda that is exclusively yours and confidential. This enhancement benefits from open source, DAV stands for Free StandardDistributed Authoring and Versioning.

For now, the steps are simple. Because we simplify most of the instructions possible, you will have some limitations such as registration, where you can access with any password, or that you must execute the command every time you start the computer. You will always have the comments to solve it.

How to synchronize the phonebook to the local computer

The combination we will resort to in this guide is Thunderbird, Lightning, Radicale. And on DecSync or DAVx5 mobiles. As a result we detail the following applications for mobile and equipment:

  • Thunderbird: Email incorporated in Deepin.
    • Lightning: Thunderbird add-on to manage the calendar in CalDAV format and that comes installed.
    • Sogo.nu: Another addon for managing the contact list. Compatible with CardDAV.
  • Radicale: Contacts and calendar server. It is simple to install your language in Python (from version 3.5). Available in repositories.
  • Davx5: To synchronize with the mobile. Available in F-droid.

Because we will install DecSync, which will be useful in case the sync fails on mobile, these are the combinations.

  • DecSync: A software consisting of:
    • DecSync-plugin, Radicale (PC) executable.
    • DecSyncCC (Android application).
    • Synthing, para sincronizar los archivos (opcional).

DAV Server Installation

Note 1: This version is tested on Deepin 15.11. At the moment, other mail managers and clients related to managing calendar and contacts were not tested.
Note 2: For this version, version 3 was tested. For that, a command from step 2 is modified (originally: python3 -m pip install --upgrade radicale). For now it doesn't work with version 3 until they release a patch.

  1. We installed PIP that will facilitate integration. The program will offer the recent version of Radicale and will be kept updated at any time.
  2. We install Radicale. This server will locally store the PC contacts in seconds. Its interface is web but its installation is by the terminal.
sudo apt install python3-pip 
python3 -m pip install --upgrade radicale==3.*
python3 -m pip install --upgrade radicale_storage_decsync
  1. After installing on the computer, we create the decsync folder, which will serve to store the data and synchronize with Synthing in the future. With these simple commands:
cd ~/.local/share
mkdir prueba decsync
cd decsync
Crear carpeta para los archivos
  1. Then, we proceed to create a file that indicates how the server is configured. This file called config is located in the ~ / .config / radicale / folder and has this text:
# Bind all addresses
hosts =, [::]:5232

type = radicale_storage_decsync
# Set folders
filesystem_folder = ~/.var/lib/radicale/collections
decsync_dir = ~/.local/share/decsync

type = htpasswd
htpasswd_filename = ~/.local/share/decsync/users
# encryption method used in the htpasswd file
htpasswd_encryption = plain
  1. We go to ~ / .local / share / decsync and create the file users and we add as the only text: «user: 1234» (it is the simplest and you can change the parameters, but if you don't want to apply this security, skip step 6 and delete the section [auth] with the remaining lines).
El archivo users del paso 6
The users file from step 6
  1. Finally we execute the command python3 -m radicale(and every time you restart the computer you must run this command, unless you check the "Clarifications" section)
Proceso de DecSync que actúa en la visualización del servidor DAV

Create collections

  1. Once the server is configured we access the administration page http://localhost:5232/. Por intuición, es user y 1234 (o cualquier credencial si omitiste el paso 6).
  2. We create new collections. For that matter the types that we carry are «Addressbook» and «Calendar». In each collection we can the title and the description.
Crear nueva colección en el servidor DAV Radicale

The result is in two parts, agenda and calendar as in this example:

Agenda, URL, editar y eliminar. Calendario, URL, editar y eliminar.

It also works with the tasks explained in "Clarifications".

Use DAV on your computer and mobile

Once prepared, we proceed with the synchronization between the server with DAV and the clients of the smartphone and the computer.

The first step is to make sure Thunderbird is installed. It comes included in Deepin 15.11. It is also valid to use the Deepines version.

  1. We check if the Lightning extension is activated. Or, if it isn't, we try reinstalling it in your website.
  2. After this, we install the Sogo plugin. Try the matching version of Thunderbird.
  3. Already ready we link to the new calendar first. We create one and set it as "On the net". Then we add the URL and the CalDAV type.
  4. Now we do with the contact book. In the "New" menu we select "Remote Adress Book". We put the URL.
  1. In the case of Android phones we have DAVx5. That you can download from the F-droid store or on your website.
  2. We create a new account for the agenda and calendar with the same URL and username. We discard email because it doesn't work with this method.
  3. For this to work you must connect to the same WiFi network. Otherwise you can use DecSyncCC, which consists of installing the application and assigning the folder so that Syncthing Receive the latest version from PC. The advantage is that the data is permanently stored and does not change when connected to the local network. We will explain this in a future tutorial.


Radicale funciona también con tareas. Para esto necesitarás un cliente DAV compatible como Lightning para Thunderbird y OpenTasks para Android. Los pasos son similares a los creados para el calendario. Sin embargo, no funciona con DecSync por limitaciones técnicas.

Also, you can migrate from one computer to another in the DecSync folder. Step 5 indicates where the folder is saved and if you are migrating, you will have to copy the files. Synthing is an option to preserve data from both computers. If it is complicated, you can skip this step and compress the folder where it is saved to send by Telegram.

Direct access

The command to execute in step 7 is usually long, because it starts from the terminal. For that, it is best to develop a direct access in the launcher. Just create it from MenuLibre to mention the easiest. Then we add it to the launcher. For the URL you just need to add to the browser bookmarks.

Another more practical method is to open the URL, with the single command: xdg-open http://localhost:5232/; python3 -m radicale. After opening the page, refresh again to access and you will have the page accessible. However, that is not necessary because Thunderbird and the DAV client can create and edit the data.

Crear acceso Radicale DAV en la terminal
Create an access from MenLibre that will appear in the launcher. When executed it will come out like this image.

Operating problems

If you notice that the application is not working properly, try this command: python3 -m radicale --verify-storage. If you register any errors, you can report it to the DecSync developer.

To uninstall the software you will have to resort to PIP and execute the command uninstall to the package in question, in addition to accepting with the «y» key:

python3 -m pip uninstall radicale_storage_decsync radicale

The guide is based the documentation by Radicale to make installation easier. Also in the contribution of Michal Táborský Y Cyrille Borne for the PC client and the DAVx5 page for Android. It also complements the Github repository DecSync for Radicale.

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Juan Ospina
Juan Ospina (@juan-ospina)
8 meses atrás

Useful and well explained, I will follow the guide soon and comment on the results.

Ernesto Junco
Ernesto Junco (@ernesto_junco)
8 meses atrás

It seems very good use, only calendar and contacts? any other type of information that can be synchronized with this method? thanks for the info.

Ernesto Junco
Ernesto Junco (@ernesto_junco)
Respondiendo a  diego
6 meses atrás

Diegoit would be very useful to have them, thanks for accepting the suggestion.

Juan Osorio
Juan Osorio (@juan877osorio)
8 meses atrás

Any way to accomplish this without having to run the python3 -m radical command every time? Thank you.

Эли (@eli)
Respondiendo a  Juan Osorio
8 meses atrás

If you look at the article it says how, it gives you a link to these instructions.
Muy buen aporte Diego Thank you.

Arceli (@arceli)
7 meses atrás

Interesting procedure, I already had a solution for text messages, but not for contacts.

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