recently we explained how to install the Plex Media Server in Deepin. The task is relatively easy to achieve if you follow the instructions to the letter, however there is an impediment to Plex when adding media from an external disc due to the fact that Plex usually lose the path to the disks after a re-start or temporarily disconnect the external disk on Linux, because in Unix systems the route changes to re-connect the disk. This article shows you how to create a static route to an external disk in Deepin thus solving the problem Plex and other programs that require static routes to external disks.

There are complicated and riskier solutions to this dilemma, such as manually editing the file fstab to automatically load external disks using parameters specified in that file and you will find numerous tutorials on the Internet about it. That is not however the solution will show today, but have accomplished the same end through the graphical interface.

Disks App
application Disks

1 First let us turn to the store and unload the application Disks, Just enter the word "disks" in the search area and click on the first result. Disks which it is achieved magic and allow us to create a static route to any disc. By simply installing this application you already have the mission to almost half way, if you did that then goes to the next step.

Open Disks

2 Opens Disks then his left panel and select the external drive for which you want to create a permanent path as in the image above. Click on the desired partition within that disk and then VERY IMPORTANT at this time clearing the partition by clicking on the square icon in the application interface. Once this is done the information on the route to the partition will disappear from the bottom within the application (this is normal).

3 Then and after removing the desired partition, click the gear icon in the interface Disks, A contextual menu will appear in which you must select 'Edit the actions assembly«.

4 In the new sale you must change the following options: A-) Make sure the switch "Automatic assembly options"He is disabled, but it is then disable it now. B) Make sure that "Mounting Options"Options"Mount at Startup" Y "Show on the user interface"They are enabled. C-) In "Mountpoint» deberás escribir la ruta estática que deseas para tu disco externo; en mi caso escogí: /home/eli/Seagate 8TB/, I recommend a low path / home / user / to avoid any problems of access. D) Finally, in "File system type" Choose "Car"If not selected. All other options in this window must be exactly as they were, do not change anything else. Then click "Accept«.

That's it, now just reboot your system and your disc should have automatically mounted on the path you specified in step 4 of this tutorial. Now just go to Plex or any other application and reloads your libraries with the new route, this time Plex will not forget where your libraries are.

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JulioPerfecto (@julioperfecto)
1 year ago

Interestingly, adding to my notes, thank you.
[email protected] (@fedencinas)
1 year ago

Excellent, learn always, very interesting, informative and accurate

Lyriel (@lyriel)
8 months ago

With this I can now change the location of the directories of my personal folders to an external hard drive without having to be reset to the reset? Something like Windows.
As for poor use an SSD (240GB only xD) and I want to keep things, I do not think 50GB is enough. The rest is Windows ...

Lyriel (@lyriel)
Answering to Lyriel
8 months ago

I never responded as I autoresponderé xd.
Yes, if you can.

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