A better lifestyle requires a productivity environment suitable. It turns out that there are several options in Deepin to adapt and improve our conditions. Maybe what you're expecting are some tips and applications for this operating system. Thus, you establish a routine activity to complete tasks without falling into boredom.

The formula will be interesting and will take a few minutes to create. You'll also meet some interesting terms as the Pomodoro technique. What you need are Internet, headsets, a ventilated and perseverance. Some of them will have it soon in Deepines.

This note is dedicated to people who perform work freelanceWhich especially are turning to telecommuting.

Steps to create an environment of productivity

You know the following tools:

  • Tools for taking notes or loose ideas: If you need it, as well as pencil and paper. For example, sticky notes (Sticky Notes or post-it).
  • Application Pomodoro: Will use the technique adopted by Francesco Cirillo. Basically, it is to establish periods of activity on the computer and rest. During the break you can do other activities, walking, drinking water and so on.
  • a musical atmosphere: some of them can in the browser or the radio.
  • Some extras: As the "night mode" (Control Center), blocking pages and "disable notifications." Reducing distractions.

Tools for taking notes

The first thing to complete is search tools to capture notes. While you can use a memo padWe have a simple widget to add disposable texts. For example, Indicator stickynotes a post-it that is added to the desktop.

Indicator StickyNotes supports Deepin 15.11. Simply install the package indicator-stickynotes with APT or Synaptic. You can set your categories to add colors and block the note to prevent editing. If you want to back up your data, click the option "Export information".

Application to Pomodoro

According to the Wikipedia, Pomodoro is a technique used by Italian Francesco Cirillo to solve your organization over time. Cirillo invented a countdown as tomato, Hence the name, with two marks 5 minutes. When twists and let uptime, this will ring. Then turns curtly and let the rest time. And so on.

The purpose of Pomodoro's reduce anxiety to do work and rest. Dependent anxiety that makes the computer (like despair) and neglects the physical and mental health (information overload). If you take out can be used for work in pairs, one on the computer while another is planning. Without reaching more bluntly, there are applications for Deepin as BREAKTIMER.

BREAKTIMERFreely available on the web, it offers a variety of settings. Assigns frequently modified to your liking. It will appear automatically in the rest period full screen window with a title and message. In addition, you can schedule times to resort to this method, although it is best to disable it.

Pomodoro and its variations

Off frequency varies by purpose and tastes of each. In addition to the known art, see some variations:

  • The method Pomodoro default is 25 minutes of activity are added 5 rest. Ideal to process what you understand, say, a reading of 2 hours per day.
  • A method suggested by a company that measures habits of its users, Desktime says the ratio 52 to 17. Similar to the Pomodoro, have the range to process and inspire new ideas for productivity. The company measured in a workplace for 8 hours.
  • Another way is the extensive work with small breaks. While authors like Cal Newport indicate that it is possible to have no leisure activities or distraction for hours, you will have to resort to a brief pause it is to restore sight and prevent red eye.
Descanso en BreakTimer

TrickOnce BREAKTIMER list and paid attention to sticky notes, you'll notice that each adhesive serves to mark the tasks that go forward (slowly). In addition, to establish free time to relax to advance to the next part.

Writing test tasks in the widget, with sections will try to complete each session (25 or 52 minutes). Then you write leisure activities such as "coffee", "see social networks" and so on.

background music

Then there is the way to acclimate. In general, you have silence and create what ASMR effects like white noise, conversations cafeteria or the sound of birds. On the other hand, there are styles that focus on concentration and symphonic music, instrumentals boleros or electronic (say downtempo Y lo-fi hip hop). Regardless of taste, try to choose for the smoothest, involving minimal effort and generate motivation.

Here are some examples: You have GRadio (Available in store) to listen to music online, find it related as coderadio stations. Another way is accessing web pages as Soundscape (Open source) that sets the sound patterns. And the homemade way is to download a track and hear from a music player.

Example Code Radio in GRadio.

Extra: Additional information

Finally you have some tips to improve productivity environment to the Deepin make these adjustments:

  • Active mode to rest your eyes to the screen yellow coloring. Control Center> Display> Brightness> Night mode.
  • Attempts to turn off notifications or let alone those of emergency. in Telegram there is an option for it.
  • Seize the calendar or Deepin Thunderbird to indicate dates and activities.
  • If you need other productivity tools you have to Freeplane (creation of mental maps).
  • Listen with headphones if possible. But if you use a mobile phone to listen to music, welcome you (a) but require your wits to use applications sound setting.
  • Test software Parental control or install extensions to filter web page URLs unrelated to the tasks you perform.
  • In addition to guiding tools Breaktimer you like Workrave showing illustrative examples.

What did you think these tips? Let us know in the comments.

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Eli (@eli)
3 months ago

DiegoExcellent advice in this article, thanks.


RhymeDanger (@rhymedanger)
3 months ago

Interesting information.

Rafael (@rafacuban)
3 months ago

Excellent tips to maximize productivity, especially with the level of distraction that exists today. Let us not forget also grab free time, do the least 30 minutes of daily physical activity, it improves concentration and physical energy greetings in general.

Car (@car)
3 months ago

Very Good Diego, who lacks the jjjj Coquita xd

Ranita (@ranita)
3 months ago

Good guide and excellent reminders, thank you.

Matias Reyes
Matias Reyes (@mati2020)
3 months ago

I've been using Pomodoro and I found it very well.

JulioPerfecto (@julioperfecto)
3 months ago

Good ideas for the stressful world we live in.

Loren Ipsum
Loren Ipsum (@lorenipsum)
3 months ago

Hello my dear,
regarding the pomodoro recommend superproductivity,
It is the most comprehensive, user friendly,
atravez is installed snap,
greetings and very good content.

The Léolink
The Léolink (@theleolink)
Answering to Loren Ipsum
2 months ago

I'm going to try it, thanks for sharing this app.

Fernando Javier Martin
Fernando Javier Martin (@fernandojaviermartin)
3 months ago

Good tricks!
I come from all my life in Windows and for 4 months I have been with Deepin, more than satisfied!
Something I am missing is the Sticky Notes I used all the time.
I tried to install the one from Umang but APT tells me it doesn't have a Release file.
I edited /usr/share/python-apt/templates/ to configure the suite as [un] stable but I had no case.

Any clues to resolve this matter?
I have Deepin 15.11

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