Escritorio con Conkys Widgets
Conkys desk with Widgets

Hi folks, today announced the update Conkys Widgets 2.2. First remember that Conkys Widgets is a compilation of some widgets for Conky Manager, but also contains the widgets created exclusively to share with the community Deepin in Spanish.

In this update was fixed the widgets Google time, he also adding another with more data from meteorological state, also added the option to specify the appropriate location. a simple calendar was created and another showing the progress of time. Finally the installer added a feature that backs up and restores the size, location and background color of all widgets. is still the widget time, but this is much less accurate, but is retained as an alternative.

Widgets del tiempo y calendario
Widgets time and calendar

The widgets Google time default automatically detect the location, but if for some reason not properly detected automatically or if you want to specify a location, it is as simple as opening the conky_tiempo_ubicacion.txt file that is in the personal folder, type the location and save, the next time it is updated meteorological data show the new location.

Carpeta personal (home)
Personal Folder (home)

The widget time shows the percentage of time progress of the working day, the calendar day, month and year. The start and end of the working day can be set in the conkys-igatjens-000-ajuetes.lua file in ~ / Originals / igatjens / igatjens-screen-large .conky / y /.conky/Originales/igatjens/igatjens -LCD-small for all widgets correspondent.

Progreso del día
Progress Day

As for the backs of size, location and funding, they are stored in the hidden folder .conky-backup personal folder, these data support during installation or upgrade conkys-widgets package and then given the option to restore the configuration or leave the default settings. This allows you to upgrade without worrying about having to accommodate back to our widgets again or even restore a particular distribution we used in the past. We have future plans to create commands to back up and restore at any time and not only during the upgrade or installation, including sharing a specific distribution, but that remains for new versions.

Other widgets Collection

Also remind them that collection contains variety of widgets, here are some of them.


To install Conkys Widgets Deepines first install the repository following the instructions in this link. Then run the following command in the terminal.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install conkys-widgets

In the article "Collection of widgets for Deepin"Explains how to use Conky Manager to activate the widgets if they want an article about a further explanation about Conky Manager, on configuring any of the widgets or if you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below.


What do you think about it?

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Phenomenal! This reminds me of Rainmeter on Windows, some of these widgets are very useful.

Ramon Milian

Original these widgets, especially this community, thank you for sharing.


excellent collection Isaías Gätjens MIsa Gätjens M thank you very much for making them available.


I love Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

Antonio Arapovic


Alvaro Huaman Martinez

haaaaa that beautiful community

Mr. Magoo

This very nice to have the info system directly on the desktop. In the case of climate data,...Read more »


Very good thanks for sharing