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[Glued] Share your fanart to Deepin

Deepin En Español
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Deepin He wants to be more than just an operating system. With the help of the communityWe can create improved artistically and creative ways versions. In addition to doing completely customizable thanks to its elegant graphical interface.

If you have fascination with this operating system or software, you can participate in the creation of works by fans. Each publication inspires users, regardless of their level, discover the real potential: A different ecosystem offers the best for all the needs of home and work. Alongside this initiative, we socialize and connect the Linux world.

Thank you for giving your affection to Deepin.

Fanart para Deepin

Kinds of work

  • Wallpapers (for screenshots, visit another subject)
  • Avatars for users
  • conceptual art (eg the Raccon pet)

Rules to share fanart

  • Respect copyright. Although a concept or idea, is not eligible to register, what it is tangible.
    • Unless the author freely transfer it, the contents can not be used for profit.
    • It is permissible to attribute the author. Copyright correspond to the content creator.
    • Brand and logo for the community, you must follow these guidelines.
  • Publications are subject to the Terms of Service of Deepin in Spanish.
    • Avoid NSFW content or is loaded with violent, grotesque or pornographic content.
    • If you want to know the meaning of Deepin, you have a publication about.

How to share fanart

You can share by sending a reply message. When writing, use the "Attach File" and sends the image. Heavy images used Imgur, Google Photos or other means.

If you are a professional designer, you have a palette with their analogues. This can serve your artistic impressions.

Uekne Viajes
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Hello, I send some pictures of the Patagonia Argentina,

if you like the I improve for wallpapers.

Other larger exceed the limit of 2 M ...



IMG 3439
image 120
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Very good idea 8-), we see that great art comes out here, it is that we have very good artists in the community.

Beautiful your funds @ uekneviajes1, thank you.