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[Resolved] [Info] If you want to publish games read this part

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I have created guidelines for publishing games more enjoyable. You should read before posting games.

First please Read Forum Rules They are simple, you take less than 2 minutes read (literally)


  • Must contain a label indicating the genre of the game, for example [FPS] Which refers to "First-person shooter."
  • Also must describe the platform used:
    • If Steam is operating within, he would [Steam]. For GOG is [GOG]. If this is a game that is installed from your website or does not run under any platform, we could put [Independent].
    • Also, if it works with Wine must be specified if you use Crossover, PlayOnLinux, Lutris, Proton (Steam Play) or pure Wine, for that matter we could put [Crossover], [POL], [Lutris], [Proton], [Wine] respectively.
    • The same applies to the previous emulators (no consoles), you have to place the title of these such as [EPSXE].



  • Describe the game presents.
  • If possible, make use of images or video.
  • Indicate the system requirements (If any).
  • If it be complicated installation, please show how.
  • Do not reveal much of the plot. Where possible, use [Spoiler Alert] both the title and the message to alert the viewer.



To publish, select the "Add item" button in the Games category. Regulation is in this link.

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For those involved in the games they will be able to include them in the category Games the wiki. Thank you for your contribution. 🙂

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  • Following the initial example (in the first message), our title will begin with [FPS].
  • It is on the Steam platform. Therefore it would be: [FPS] [Steam]
  • As the game is native, playable in Deepin, we maintain as [FPS] [Steam]
  • We end up with the name of the game. Then the result is:

    [FPS] [Steam] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    If we have a problem with this video game, we maintain with brackets and add the description.

    [FPS] [Steam] Problems Starting Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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