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Hello friends, like belabor me, but the rules say concise, problem: live in Cuba, where there is no connection, no resources, installation Deepin 15.11 PC table, need repositories standalone executables, I repeat I am not connected, and I think Not gonna ever do and there are many people who do not have access to the network, how do we solve the problem ?, proposal: someone who makes us be moved and concise executable packages for the most abandoned, excuse the rhetoric, but it is the only way to ask help, but then what ?.

Eli, law rules, but under them would have to be quiet, and forbear to join and learn, because everything is under connection, any decision you make the will abide, it is your site and no one is forced to listen, but if there is any solution Make it coming, because this is not my problem alone but a problem of thousands or hundreds of people without economic resources and without connection, this connection is from a center of the state under Windows 10, what you will decide law, without but thanks.

Note: the download speed in my workplace and in almost all sites (of the state) here is 245 kb / sec.

Note 2: If you like reading or are cinefilo, 1984, George Orwell, book and film was made, .... a good listener ......


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