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STUDIO IN LINUX install Android Deepin

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As many already know this famous SDI Android developed by the company JetBrains, We offered free for developers.

Requirements to use:

  • 64-bit distribution capable of running 32-bit applications
  • GNU C library (glibc) version higher than 2.19
  • 3GB minimum RAM, 8GB recommended, plus a bonus of 1 GB for the emulator android
  • 2GB of disk space minimum, 4GB recommended (500 MB to 1.5 GB IDE + Android SDK and emulator system image)
  • Minimum screen resolution 1280x800.

To install the program must follow these steps:

Step 1

First we download the program this link

descargar android studio


In the same route downloaded arhivo, we right click and Open in a new window as administrator

ventana administrador

Copy the file and extract it on the route /opt

ventada administrador android studioSTEP 3

We headed to the path /opt/android-studio/bin and right click abrir en terminal

ubicacion android studioRun the command sh ./


If you do not have a previous version of android studio, we do not import settings, otherwise they choose the folder where these configurations, which by default are saved in the personal folder are saved.

settings previusWe carge expect.

splas screen android studioWe click on next

primer nextelejimos Custom


We choose the theme that will use the SDI

themeWe mark the option to install the android virtual device and also where the SDK will be installed (recommend leaving the default one /root/Android/Sdk)

sdkWe check all components must be installed.

verificar componentes android studio

we in Finish

finishWe hope that Download and install what we set

descarga de config

Busting We Finish

finish installSTEP 5

In settings we click on Create Desktop Entry

create desktop entryCreate the mark in entry for all user and ok

crear icono para todos los usuariosCheck that created the icon in the application menu

icono menu aplicaciones


Open the program from the icon left them and follow the above steps again, this is for android studio allows them to upgrade.

In order to upgrade, the write terminal sudo sh /opt/android-studio/bin/ (If you have installed opt)
and settings are to Check for updates and give actualicación download (download updates).

android studio en deepin

Any suggestions or problems you have, do not hesitate to write them in the comments 😎

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Very complete the tutorial; thanks 😀


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Very useful, good contribution.

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Good guide, thank you very much.

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