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[Resolved] graphic problem with browsers

Alex RoJas
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good, what happens is that when using some internet browser, be it Chromium, Firefox or Vivaldi, when scrolling through the pages, they are cut for a measly 1 instant and then return to normal, to explain it better, I think it could Comparing to a game that does not have vertical synchronization enabled, does not affect the operation of the browser at all, it is just a bit annoying and I would like to know if there is any way to fix it.

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Isaías Gätjens M
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How are you.

There could be several factors; Possibly a little more RAM is missing, this would slow down the loading of pages, another cause could be the graphics card that has the PC that cannot work correctly. Well let's try the second point (I hope this is) and install system settings:

sudo apt-get install systemsettings

then open it and go to Display and Monitor


DeepinScreenshot select area 20200522081328


Now select XRender from the Rendering backend field or tag


DeepinScreenshot select area 20200522081639


As additional information:

"TheX Rendering Extension(Render or XRender) is an extension of theX11 base protocolto implement thealpha compositionon the X server, to allow efficient viewing of transparent images.

The main drawing protocol of the X Window system You don't have an efficient way of drawing transparent objects: A computer screen is made up of individual pixels, which can only display one single color at a time. Therefore, transparency can only be achieved by mixing the colors of the transparent object to be drawn with the background color (alpha composition). However, the standard X protocol only allows drawing with a solid color, so the only way to achieve transparency is to retrieve the background color of the screen, mix it with the color of the object, and then write it again, which is quite inefficient.2

Since many operations require transparency (for example, anti-aliasing_space, especially during rasterization of fonts and transparency effects in window managers(such as transparent windows or menus), this limitation caused problems and Xrender was implemented to address it. "For more information you here



I hope this is the problem. Apply changes and preferably restart the system.