Yesterday, Saturday, November 28, the Tenth Deepin Users and Developers Conference (DDUC2020) in Beijing, China. Deepin in Spanish was called to be part of it. As guests we had the great pleasure of being able to participate and represent the Spanish-speaking community of users in said conference.

Isaiah Gätjens developer and editor Deepin in Spanish had the honor of making our contribution to the conference by means of a presentation which we already uploaded to our YouTube channel and which we show you below. Also if you are interested, you speak Mandarin Chinese or you just want to see what happened during the event, you can visit channel where you can see the conference in its entirety which we also broadcast there on a deferred basis.

Isaiah eloquently recounted the history of the community, and simply recounted the achievements made in recent years. He also spoke about who makes up the International community of users of Deepin in Spanish describing the demographics that make up the Spanish-speaking world, which mainly make up this community. In addition to relating other aspects of it.

In the presentation, Isaías also tells about our international reach, which includes users of other languages ​​and that at this time it already has more than 18 thousand registered users.

Below we show you the video with the presentation of which we had also recently talked in the Episode 15 of our Podcast, we hope you enjoy it.

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Martin_Lucero (@martin_lucero)
3 meses atrás

You are worthy representatives of the deepin Spanish-speaking community, congratulations.

Ivan_El_Grande (@ivan_23)
3 meses atrás

I've been reading you for a long time, but just today I decided to try deepin for the first time and join you.
!! Congratulations!!

Lucas Quinteros
Lucas Quinteros (@lucasquinteros)
3 meses atrás

Excellent presentation of our hero Isaías! My congratulations to the entire deepinenespañol team for their great work for the community!

Isaías Gätjens M
Isaías Gätjens M (@igatjens)
3 meses atrás

Thanks for the review Эли

Armando-Lio (@armando-lio)
3 meses atrás

Very interesting the part of Isaías, I learned many things that I did not know about deepin in Spanish, keep it up, you are doing well.

Car (@car)
3 meses atrás

Thank you for representing us so well Isa Gätjens M. a hug.

Jare GM
Jare GM (@jaregm)
3 meses atrás

While the lecture for me was basic Chinese *, we didn't miss any details. :-). Congratulations and thanks to Isaías.
* [be something basic Chinese: 1. loc. verb. colloq. Arg. Being incomprehensible or difficult to unravel].

DDUC 2020.jpg
NEO-TECH (@neo-tech)
2 meses atrás

Your presentation was very good, Isaías. It's amazing all the way they've come. And everything that comes in the near future is exciting.


Luis Linux
Luis Linux (@ddluislinuxfinal)
2 meses atrás

Thank you all so much for all the excellent work.

JulioPerfecto (@julioperfecto)
2 meses atrás

Very successful the dissertation.

Hugo Oscar Ayala
Hugo Oscar Ayala (@hugooscarayala)
2 meses atrás

Hello Merry Christmas
I will try this distro
And I'm counting on you to stop once and for all W

Hugo Oscar Ayala
Hugo Oscar Ayala (@hugooscarayala)
2 meses atrás

All my respect and admiration
For your work

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