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Today is the day we receive another important update from Telegram, since the application has reached version 7.4. In your ad, the team behind Telegram claims the messaging service has welcomed over 100 million new users this month alone, and with that, it's introducing a great new feature for newcomers - the ability to import chat history from other apps.

Services like WhatsApp, Line Y KakaoTalk, which allow users to export their chats, they will now see Telegram as a target for export, they all add the full chat history to the app. Telegram only mentions those three apps by name, but others may work similarly.

To export your WhatsApp chats on iOS, you will have to open the information page of the contact or group of the chat you want to export, and then scroll to Export chat, and choose Telegram in the Share menu. In Android, you can open the chat, touch the icon with the three dots, then choose More and, finally, Export chat. Once you've imported a chat, you can also save space on your phone by cleaning up your storage, as chats are backed up in the cloud.

Telegram you are also adding privacy controls to the app. About two years ago, he added the ability to delete the messages of all members of a conversation without leaving a trace, and now it is also possible to delete secret chats, entire groups, and call logs of all users involved.

Newly added voice chats are also getting improvements, starting with the ability to view active voice chats from the call history page. You can also adjust the volume of each participant in a voice chat, and group administrators can control the experience of all listeners.

Another area that is updated is the audio player. If you tap an artist name for a song you are listening to, all songs by that artist will now appear in all your chats. Additionally, the Next and Previous buttons can be used to rewind or advance a song by holding down the button. Lastly, there is a new fading effect when pausing and resuming playback.

Other updates include a new greeting sticker suggestion when sending a message to someone for the first time, a series of new animations in the Android version of the app, and a new button to report fake channels or groups impersonating people or organizations. . There have also been some accessibility improvements for TalkBack and VoiceOver users.

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FAbuky FA
FAbuky FA (@fabukyfa)
2 meses atrás

Any way to install whatsapp? in deepin without emulator ?.

Ivan (@ivan_23)
2 meses atrás

Telegram is far superior to whatsapp, I don't know why people keep using it, I imagine it's custom.

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