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The latest snapshot of Vivaldi has been released today with previous technical versions of Vivaldi Mail, Vivaldi Feed Reader Y Vivaldi Calendar all integrated into the browser. This snapshot is the first version to ship with these new tools, but they need to be activated (More on that below).

The new Vivaldi Email is a complete email client with the customization expected from a client like Thunderbird for example. According to Jon von Tetzchner, the average person has two email addresses and with Vivaldi Mail, you have the option to add as many as you want. The new email tool is seen as a spiritual successor to the email client that was released in Opera years ago before it changed direction and simplified the browser.

The new reader of feeds it can be accessed from the mail tab in the Vivaldi sidebar. The news of the sources to which you are subscribed will be marked in bold and will have a small dot to show that they have not been read yet, when you click on them, the text and images of the content will appear but not the rest of the elements of the page. You can add new RSS feeds by visiting a website and clicking the feeds button in the URL bar. The reader of feeds It also supports the OPML format so you can import your feeds from your existing reader to Vivaldi.

Finally, the Vivaldi Calendar has been specially designed for advanced users. Unlike other calendars that try to keep things simple and later hide important details, the Vivaldi Calendar puts them front and center. Vivaldi Calendar has three different views that users can choose from; minimal view shows only the event title, full view shows all event data in main view, and compact view gives some information, but has a cap on the amount of text that can be displayed. The calendar features keyboard shortcuts, browser integration to easily add events, and comes with its own sidebar panel for easy access.

To enable the new features of the last snapshot from Vivaldi, you will need to go to vivaldi: // experiments /, enable Vivaldi Mail, and restart the browser.

Source:Vivaldi Blog

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ProgramacionJS (@programacionjs)
6 meses atrás

Good post, but I'm concerned about the performance issue

chapu (@chapu)
25 días atrás

Hoy estoy probando el navegador y todo muy optimizado a tal punto que me parece que destaca muchas cualidades hechas para el trabajo del día al día y se esta volviendo mí favorita..!

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