Linux 5.8 Released, all you need to know

The new version of the Linux kernel brings a series of updates for Linux 5.7 covering security, core components, drivers, memory management, networking, and kernel design enhancements, among others.

This includes updates to Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualization platform, support for Intel Tiger Lake Thunderbolt, enhancements to Microsoft's exFAT file system, and support for newer Intel and ARM chips.

Torvalds said that the kernel had received more than 15,000 merge requests and that about 20% of all files in the kernel source repository had been modified. "That's really a pretty big percentage, and while some of them are scheduled, overall it's really the same pattern: 5.8 has just seen a lot of development," Torvalds said.
Traducido en números, Linux 5.8 incluye más de 800.000 líneas nuevas y más de 14.000 archivos modificados. También recibió uno de los mayores números de peticiones de fusión durante su ventana de fusión – más de 14.000 confirmaciones sin fusión y más de 15.000 incluyendo fusiones, según Torvalds. «5.8 parece grande. Realmente grande», añadió.

However, while kernel version 5.8 is roughly the same size as version 4.9 as of 2016, Torvalds noted that Linux 4.9 was "artificially large" due in part to the fact that it contained the Greybus driver subsystem to support Google's modular telephony project, Project Ara, which has since been dormant.

LibreOffice 7.0 Released

This important new release comes with several improvements. At the top of the list for users who have spent their working lives with Microsoft Office, the best feature is better support for DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX files. LibreOffice 7 DOCX is now saved in 2013/2016/2019 native mode, instead of 2007 compatibility mode. This greatly improves interoperability between multiple versions of MS Office. The program can now also export to XLSX files with sheet names longer than 31 characters and export XLSX check boxes. The "invalid content" error when opening exported XLSX files with shapes has also been resolved. Finally, the PPTX import / export filter has been improved.

Pint 1.7 Released

The open source drawing software Pinta 1.7 was released a few days ago. Here are the changes included in the latest update which has made fans of this show very happy.

Pinta 1.7 is the first version in over 5 years. Launch highlights include:

  • A tabbed view has been added to switch between images.
  • The Rotate / Zoom dialog now supports zooming and panning
  • Added a soft erase tool
  • The Pencil tool can switch between different blend modes.
  • Added support for JASC PaintShop Pro palette files.
  • Transform tools can now rotate in fixed increments by holding down the Shift key.
  • The Move Selected tool can now scale by holding down the Ctrl key.
  • Dragging and dropping a URL (for example, an image from a web browser) to download and open the image.


1Password now available on Linux

1Password is an easy-to-use (and quite popular) cross-platform password manager. Provides mobile apps and browser extensions for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox - and now also a dedicated desktop app for Linux.

Although this particular service is not free (beyond the trial period; plans start at $ 2.99 / month), it does have an attractive list of features for its price, including unlimited password savings on an unlimited number of devices; 1 GB document storage; Article history (i.e. restore deleted passwords); and more.

The 1Password Linux application is also not a pure port of Electron, but rather an application that leverages Rust. The application is said to "meet the security and performance expectations of Linux users" and includes full end-to-end encryption.

The client also boasts of integration with the Linux desktop, including GTK dark mode settings, systray, X11 clipboard sharing, and even biometric unlocking. Download and instructions for Linuxyou here.

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