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Xiaomi has announced its remote charging technology: My Air Charge. This is the true "wireless" version of charging created by the company, as it does not require you to place your phone on a charging pad.

The main technology of My Air Charge it is based on spatial positioning and energy transmission. Xiaomi says it has developed an isolated charging stack with five phase interference antennas that can detect the location of a smartphone. Then another phase control assembly consisting of 144 antennas transmits millimeter waves to the phone using beamforming to charge it.

In order for remote charging to work on the smartphone, Xiaomi has developed a set of miniaturized antennas alongside a set of receiving antennas. The latter converts millimeter waves into electrical energy which, in turn, charges the phone.

Skipping all the jargon, the technology My Air Charge in its current iteration it will allow remote charging of 5W for a device in a radius of "several meters". Xiaomi also notes that multiple devices can also be charged at a speed of up to 5W and that physical objects do not reduce the efficiency of charging. Just have the charging hub Mi Air at home and a compatible device for remote charging to work.

Xiaomi is also working on bringing its remote charging technology to smart watches, speakers, desk lamps, and other smart home products. A Xiaomi manager has confirmed that My Air Charge It is a technology demonstration and will not be applied to consumer products this year.

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