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Service streaming of music Spotify prepares to face Tidal, as the company announced today Spotify HiFi, a new subscription level that will offer lossless audio quality (No degradation) on devices that support it.

The news was announced during a virtual live event called Stream On, which brought with it a series of announcements for both listeners and artists. Spotify HiFi It should work on smartphones and other devices with the Spotify app, as well as speakers compatible with Spotify Connect. In fact, Spotify has said that it is working with manufacturers to make its level HiFi be available to as many people as possible.

Although audiophiles and avid music listeners will likely rejoice at the news, there isn't much more to say. Spotify hasn't said how much the subscription tier will cost, or if it will eventually be available in all markets where Spotify is available. All we know is that it will hit some markets later this year and the company will give more details shortly.

The already mentioned Tidal, a streaming service backed by artists like Jay-Z, was one of the first to offer a high-fidelity audio option, and it costs $ 19.99 a month, a significant increase from the $ 9.99 it charges. actually Spotify Premium a month. We will have to wait to find out more about the cost of the similar service that Spotify plans to launch.

In addition to Spotify HiFi, the company also revealed today that its service reaches more than 80 new markets mainly focused on Africa and the Middle East, bringing the levels Free Y Premium they will reach all of them, and support for 36 new languages ​​will be added. You can find a full list of new markets at the bottom of the page linked above. In some of these markets, special plans such as Duo, Family Y Student. The company has also announced a new podcast catalog on its service.

Source: Spotify Newsroom

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