There are many tools to take notes. Most of them make the mistake of including too many plugins that are not really useful. Especially when all you want to do is jot down a few simple reminders that you want to have in one place so they're easier to find later. Simplenote it is a delicacy in its field, and its distinguishing feature is its simplicity.

This program allows you to take notes that you can save as a reminder. You can tag them to make them even easier to find later. Simplenote It is available on several platforms and can be perfectly synchronized between them through your user account. There is a version for browsers, an application for iOS and Android and it is also available on Mac and Linux, among others.

Additional features are not intended for Simplenote, so you won't find too many, but that doesn't mean this app isn't extremely useful. It is. You can use it to control different versions of a text file, or work on it with your entire team in real time, or even publish it online automatically using a unique URL on Simplenote's own servers.

Recently the developers behind Simplenote also announced that one of the most requested features is now available, the ability to link a note from another note.

A new update to Simplenote has just been released which brings with it a list of 9 improvements as well as fixes to known bugs in the note taking application. Below we list the most significant changes in this version:

What's new in this version:

  • Improvements:
    - An organization bar has been added to the note list
    - A checklist icon has been added to the notes toolbar
    - Updated label renaming to be more consistent across the app and across all platforms
    - Note review slider has been moved to the bottom of the note
    - New notes icon added to toolbar when in focus mode
    - Icon set has been updated
    - Label editing styles have been updated.
    - The width of the note list and the weight of the fonts have been adjusted
    - Notes list styles have been updated
  • Fixes:
    - Tag input now inserts tags when using a space or when clicking outside the input area
    - Updated the Monaco editor to version 0.22.0 to fix character duplication in Firefox.
    - Keyboard shortcuts have been updated to display correctly depending on the platform.
    - Fixed a bug that caused duplicate and unwanted items to appear in the context menu.

You can download the latest version of Simplenote in format .DEB or .AppImage from the following links:

Simplenote 2.7.0.DEB  

Simplenote 2.7.0 .AppImage

Source: Simplenote Blog

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