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In May, at the developer conference Microsoft Build 2019, the company toyed with the idea that his new Edge browser based on Chrome may be coming to Linux. At that time, testing alpha public of the new browser they were in their infancy, so there was a lot of uncertainty. In fact, at that time, we did not even have a channel BetaAnd there was no version for MacOS yet, or even older versions of Windows.

microsoft and He had hinted Edge coming to Linux a couple of times since thenAnd today, finally, it's official. During its meeting on the state of the browser in your conference Ignite 2019 in Orlando, Florida, USA Redmond firm finally said there is a Linux version of Edge.

As for the timeline it is the most familiar to those who follow Microsoft: is about to come. Edge team rarely provides real time details about when the browser will reach an important milestone, so it was a bit surprising today announcing a date for general availability. Chromium Edge will be available for Windows and MacOS from 15 January.

Although it is possible that the Linux variant may be in the channels Canary Y dev then, it is not sure that will be available to the general public immediately on that date, as is also the case for taste ARM64 for Windows 10.

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iOtero (@iotero)
10 meses atrás

And what we want that chestnut in linux?

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