Microsoft is working to bring its new Edge browser based on the Chromium engine, users of Linux in the future. Sean LarkinA technical program manager Team Edge, recently shared a poll on Twitter (via HTnovo), Making a series of questions about web development in Linux, including how developers hope to install a browser on their machines.

The tweet in question says that Microsoft is "developing requirements" to bring the browser to Linux, so you can still take some time before it is publicly available. However, it is a clear indication that the company is working to make this happen, and could come sooner rather than later.

Microsoft has previously said it is considering bringing Edge to Linux, but always referred to it hypothetically, so it's good to see a solid confirmation that the work is underway. If you want help Microsoft to gather more information, you can complete the survey here.

Currently, the browser Edge from Microsoft it is now available on many platforms. Internal channels are available for Windows 7, 8.1 Y 10As well as macOSAlthough it is still unclear when there will be a general release. There are also versions of the browser for mobile devices Android and iOS.


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Para empezar
1.- Ni en windows es compatible con plugins de ie (no funciono ahi creo que menos en linux)
2.- al ser basado en chromium es otro mas de la lista( salvo que tenga mejores opciones y caracteristicas que otros basados en este seria una opcion a tomar en cuenta como visual studio)
3.- si ya tengo chrome, opera y firefox, para que otro??
4.- las paginas por ejemplo del banco y otros portales utilizan ie, edge ni en windows fue compatible no veo la razon de tenerlo aqui solo para navergar

y pues si, es cierto que hay mucha variedad pero al menos en mexico, el ie es el mas usado a nivel gubernamental, los portales tanto del seguro como de los bancos y el propio gobierno estan tan desactualizadas que casi te obligan a usar ie 9 y java en versiones viejas como la 6 no hay soporte para completo para chrome, firefox porque estos requieren las versiones mas nuevas de varios plugins.