Microsoft's Edge browser just received a major update which places it already in version 90. The compilation number this time is 90.0.782.0. It comes with a lot of corrections, but an update of the hubs of Downloads and Collections. The lines for PDF inking have been further improved, the Collections option has also been put back in the menu InPrivate, under Settings and More.

Fixed some scrolling issues on some trackpads, and the autoplay media settings will no longer stop the ability to use the read-aloud inline voices when set to "Block".

Dev channel update for February 2. The website of Microsoft Edge Insider recently updated to include a new feature roadmap on the page What's Next to show the work that the team is developing in the next versions. It is your opportunity to see what is being worked on and send your opinion to the team of Edge when it appears on your channel Insider favorite. Click the button «What's Next »to see what you can expect in future releases.

Introducing the Microsoft Edge Web Widget. The new version introduces a new feature of Microsoft Edge's custom dashboard, the Web Widget. It is designed to help users stay informed, entertained and discover new things with customizable, relevant and trusted content, right on the desktop. You can opt for this feature by going to the new tab page and clicking on the settings icon to activate the web widget, or through the menu…> More tools> Web widget. Share your favorite articles, save them for later.

Managing downloads is now easier. A major update to the download experience, designed to respond to many of the most important comments. The new downloads menu lets you view and manage your downloads in one place, and it's easier than ever to track your downloads with a new progress indicator on the toolbar. In response to the large number of comments, you can now also add the download button to your toolbar.

Featuring exclusive themes for Microsoft Edge. Make Microsoft Edge yours with over two dozen themes on it. Microsoft Edge add-on site. These themes change the look of your browser to create a beautiful and immersive viewing experience.

A wide range of themes is offered to help you show your current mood or interest. Edge has been associated with Xbox to offer you exclusive themes for Halo, Gears, Forza, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Sea of ​​Thieves, Grounded, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and more. Visit this page Help on how to customize your theme, and Browse the themes section to see the themes currently available on the Microsoft Edge add-ons site.

Improvements in the inking of both PDFs and web captures. One of the features that users loved about the previous version of Microsoft Edge was the ability to inking PDF documents and web pages. The team has been working hard to bring those features to the new Chromium-based version of Edge, and there have been some major improvements in this regard.

Users had commented that pencil strokes on documents were blurry and to address this the Edge team has made significant improvements in this area. In Microsoft Edge 88+, touch inking is automatically disabled when a pen is detected to ensure that you can scroll through the document without accidentally marking the page. You may also notice that a new button has been implemented in the PDF toolbar that will allow you to disable touch input manually.

A new way of writing: voice writing. Want to take notes or write that email while your hands are full? Well, Microsoft Edge now has you covered with voice typing. When you're ready for your device to dictate what you say, press and hold Windows key + H or right-click the page> Voice typing to launch this feature and type by speaking.

If you use Deepines Store You should receive this update automatically, but if you haven't received it you can still get it faster by using sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade in a terminal.

Font: Microsoft Edge Blog

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noe Gallardo
noe Gallardo (@noegallardo)
2 meses atrás

Excelente por Micrtosoft. Ya era hora de que adoptara nuevos conceptos, lo he probado y no anda nada mal.

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