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kdenlive 19.2


After four months of intense work and more than 200 commitments, Jean-Baptiste Mardelle and equipment kdenlive They are pleased to announce the launch of kdenlive 19.12.0. This version comes with a lot of changes under the hood, new features, and nifty additions for the eyes. Not to mention the usual round of usability and stability fixes.

Highlights include huge performance improvements resulting in a faster and smoother timeline, a new audio mixer, master effects (audio / video), and better visualization of audio waveforms, among others »

Said Farid Abdelnour, application launch manager. The new mixer appears to offer much more control over the audio and should allow those in the know what they are doing to create some really immersive sounding mixes. Among the main changes and improvements, the following can be seen:

  • Improved response in the timeline.
  • Correction of the memory consumption of the timeline.
  • Improvements in management clips and caching.
  • Adjust rendering thread settings for faster rendering.
  • Fixed lag when adding comps.
  • New audio mixer
  • Redesign monitor containers
  • significant improvements in performance
  • master effects
  • Wash clips
  • Custom filters work again
  • Comparison of the effect of fixed division

You can download the new kdenlive in format .AppImage since You Here

Or if you already have the Snap system installed then alternatively you can download and install it in format .Snap running the following command:

sudo snap install kdenlive


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