Linux usage more than doubled in April, from a 1.36 percent share of all desktop operating systems in March to 2.87 percent in April.

Entre las posibles razones expuestas para el aumento se incluyen las personas que trabajan desde casa, por lo que tienen más libertad para elegir su entorno operativo. Otra razón potencial es que Microsoft dejó de apoyar a Windows 7 a finales de enero. Las cifras de Net MarketShare showed Ubuntu in particular had a great month, with its share of desktop increasing from 0.27 percent in March to 1.89 percent in April.

Windows 7 una vez más disminuyó y el sistema operativo tiene ahora una cuota de mercado del 25,59%. Este es el momento perfecto para que estos usuarios cambien y prueben el sabor de una distro Linux, por ejemplo Deepin.

Windows 7 security flaws would remain unpatched if eligible companies do not purchase Microsoft's Extended Support Package. The May 2020 update adds a Linux icon to the left navigation pane of File Explorer if you have the Windows subsystem for Linux installed. Users have been able to access Linux files in Explorer since last year, but this new icon is a subtle change, and a welcome one too.

Previously, users would have to launch the Linux distro, configure the home directory and finally access the files after launching the 'explorer.exe' command. With the May 2020 update, you will be able to access your Linux files in File Explorer without the need for additional steps or commands.

What do you think the increase was due to? let us know by a comment below.


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Céssar (@ppjc72)
8 meses atrás

Perfect, we are on the right track.

Isaías Gätjens M
Isaías Gätjens M (@igatjens)
8 meses atrás

Very interesting, I'm glad. How will they measure how many people use each version of the operating system? I know that browsers report what system they use, but will they be based only on statistics of visits to certain websites? What are those websites?

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