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Mozilla has announced the availability of Firefox 85. The new update provides protection against supercookies, better bookmark management, and an option to delete all saved logins in the password manager with one click instead of having to delete them one by one. Today's update also marks the first version of Firefox to be released without support for Adobe Flash, which recently reached the end of its useful life.

For years now, Firefox has positioned itself as the browser that offers the best privacy protection, and it already has strong measures in place to prevent third-party tracking, but with today's update, it will also begin to prevent supercookies. Supercookies are cookies that are used to track the user online, but that remain hidden in the browser, and even remain after deleting the browser's cookies. Firefox 85 isolates supercookies so they can't track and profile you as you go from one website to another.

The biggest visual change users will see in this update is the bookmark bar. Even if you have the favorites bar hidden, it will continue to appear in the new tabs. The company says this is the default setting, which means you can hide it on the new tabs page if you don't like it. A new folder on the toolbar will also give you access to your bookmarks menu.

The last change worth mentioning in this update is the ability to delete all your saved logins with the push of a button. Before, you had to manually go through the list deleting one by one, which was time consuming if you had a lot of logins to go through.

If you use Deepines Store and you downloaded Firefox from it, it will update automatically very soon even if you could run sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade to streamline the process.

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XOdein (@xodein)
2 meses atrás

Firefox is still the best open source option, but it has lost its way a bit lately.

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