Audacious and how to customize REPODUCTOR

In this case I am going to show you how to customize this well-known and great audio player (Audacious).

We install the player directly from the deepin store, as we are going to need the player plugins we can verify from synaptic if they were installed, audacious-plugins and audacious-plugins-data are the packages.

Audacious has several special features, in addition to offering three interfaces, Winamp, GTK, and QT. I'm going to customize Winamp and GTK.

If we launch audacious, it will open in the winamp interface, as shown in the image.

DeepinScreenshot 20180305183626


For this interface there are some skins already installed, but we can find some more in gnome-look, one that I really like is ReBrushed, which is the one that I am going to show.

You can download it from the following link,they must unzip the .zip and copy the folder as administrator in root / usr / share / audacious / Skins.

Then we click on the player window and in the settings we choose the theme.

DeepinScreenshot 20180305183840


If it does not look good or it does not look complete, do not panic, click the window again and in View select Duplicate size, then return it to normal size.

If we pay attention to the View tab we can see that there are more options, such as showing the playlists or showing equalizer.

DeepinScreenshot 20180305183929


We see the final result showing those options.

DeepinScreenshot 20180305184111


Now if we choose the GTK interface from preferences, we can make several changes to improve its interface.

When selecting our music library we are presented in this way.

DeepinScreenshot 20180305184819


The first thing I do in this interface is to remove the menu bar and the information bar from the View tab.

DeepinScreenshot 20180305184945


Then in the settings, from plugins, I add album art and a playlist manager.

DeepinScreenshot 20180305185115


In the windows that appear, when you click on the name, we will get options to dock in different positions of the player.

In this case I attach them to the left.

DeepinScreenshot 20180305185147


Then you can create the lists separately, with the + on the upper right edge we can add the tabs. We open the folder with our music and by dragging the folders we can add our lists.

DeepinScreenshot 20180305185311


If we click on the tabs we can rename the different lists.

DeepinScreenshot 20180305185402


The end result of the GTK interface.

DeepinScreenshot 20180305185911


These are my favorite Audacious customizations, you can try yours and make this player to your liking, options are plentiful.

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_PePiTo_ (@_pepito_)
3 años atrás

Perfect ... Congratulations !!

_PePiTo_ (@_pepito_)
3 años atrás

Por cierto ,aunque no venga al caso ,bonito reloj en ek escritorio…estoy intentando poner widgets de tiempo y reloj ,pero no me funciona bien el conky …en el próximo tutorial podrías decir como has puesto ese bonito reloj….gracias!!!

_PePiTo_ (@_pepito_)
3 años atrás

Answered by: JomadaHi, I'm already doing the tutorial with the conky theme, I'll have it ready soon.

waiting for your tutorial… thank you very much !!!

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