Parche de arreglo para la desaparición del muelle en Deepin

WARNING: The terminal installation method requires the previous installation of the repository Deepines.

In this article you will learn how to correct the error of the dock o también conocido como muelle en Deepin. En la última actualización de Deepin 20 1003 (11031.106), es posible que note que el muelle de Deepin ya no aparece luego de reiniciar su ordenador, de ser así no se asuste. En el equipo de colaboradores se ha encontrado una solución temporal a este problema y se espera que en estos días, Deepin lance alguna actualización donde este bug sea resuelto para todos los ordenadores.

Installing the patch with the Deepin installer

To install the fix graphically, just download the deb of this article and double-click to open it with the Deepin package installer and install.

Once the download is finished, as can be seen in the previous image, you must log out and restart the computer in order to see the changes.

Installing the patch with the terminal

The terminal installation method is also possible, however keep in mind that to install the patch through the terminal you must have previously installed the community and alternative repository Deepines. If you already installed it then you can proceed to install the patch by typing the following command in a terminal:

sudo apt install fix-dde-dock

Once you have done this, the Deepin terminal will ask you for a password, there is no need to worry if your password is not visible, that is by default in Deepin. Having done this, the terminal will ask you if you want to install the package. Enter a Y (yes) or N (no) to continue. At the end of the process, you will have to log out or restart your computer to see the changes.

That's it, when you restart your computer after installing the patch graphically or by terminal, the dock or Deepin dock will be fully visible and functional. Simple right? If you still have questions let us know in the comments, we will be attentive to run to your rescue!

Note: This article written in collaboration with @igatjens

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Orlando Rey
Orlando Rey (@orlando_rey)
17 días atrás

I fix this annoying inconvenience, the contribution is appreciated.

David Aravena
David Aravena (@davidaravena)
13 días atrás

Thank you very much, as always appreciated. More since I installed the 20 comunity that I began to miss the 15.11 is not for nothing.
I am evaluating if I migrate to another distro, or if I go back to debian because the last few years I loved deeping for its simple, fast and stable.
The above is personal and I hope the problems can be solved,

Thanks guys,

Isaías Gätjens M
Isaías Gätjens M (@igatjens)
Answering to David Aravena
13 días atrás

It must be recognized that the developers have been making mistakes, but we are sure that they have the will to improve, they have improved in many other aspects and have presented many new features this year, communication with the community has improved a lot and little by little They are fulfilling what they have promised, one of the characteristics that soon other distributions will begin to copy, is the backup and restoration system of the system, Deepin is gradually accommodating itself to its greater size and growth as a company. So if you change distribution, if you stay informed, I'm sure that in a few months you will see that Deepin will be much more polished.

BorisJSMX (@borisjsmx)
18 días atrás

Excellent, it works! thanks.

Эли (@eli)
18 días atrás

Excellent contribution, thank you very much.

Luis Linux
Luis Linux (@ddluislinuxfinal)
18 días atrás

Good job guys! I did not have this problem, but for those who have it, it is very good.

Gustavo Oscorima
Gustavo Oscorima (@gustavooscorima)
17 días atrás

Thanks so much for taking the time guys!

Rigo Hernandez
Rigo Hernandez (@rigohernandez96)
17 días atrás

The problem was solved, I hope that deepin will fix it too thanks.

cjspinoza (@cjspinoza)
17 días atrás

I end the stress Thank you team. Ahead…

Juan Ospina
Juan Ospina (@juan-ospina)
17 días atrás

Successful installation, functional dock, excellent.

Car (@car)
17 días atrás

Thanks for the input Edwinsino sometimes I regret that Deepin in Spanish be so effective that it gives solutions before the same distro.

Gabriel (@gabriel-acu)
16 días atrás

This also worked, thank you! Now waiting for the update… Greetings.

Martin Valladares
Martin Valladares (@mvalladares2006)
15 días atrás

I didn't have that problem either, but it's still appreciated.

Julio Platero
Julio Platero (@julioplatero)
15 días atrás

Developers are thanked, Linux is above OS

Juan (@juanglez)
10 días atrás

BUGDEEPIN, it already looks a lot like windows.

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