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Let's be honest, the store Deepin It's been their Achilles heel of late, and not because it's a shoddy or hard-to-use store. On the contrary, his store is without a doubt among the most beautiful in the Linux universe. That being said however, although during the time of his latest significant redesign and subsequent launch, at that time the design meant a great leap and an undeniable improvement, reaching June 2021, the situation is no longer so promising, the application store of Deepin today leaves much to be desired.

The current design is already beginning to show its age and some might even say that we are even seeing something that no longer fits well with the rest, and although the current store still fits harmoniously with the modern theme that we enjoy through other areas of the GUI of the OS in its last interactions, the truth is that it could very well accept some improvements.

Programs that fail to install, agonizing slowness when downloading or browsing the different areas of the store, repos that fails, and too old versions of the applications, are just some of the most common problems and of which we hear complaints frequently.


Deepin has always been a pioneer in everything that has to do with GUI design. There is no doubt that their team of designers is A + category. When talking about interface design in GNU Linux and Deepin speaks, the others are silent and listen carefully. Deepin is second to no one in the field of graphic design and development of visual interfaces.

This is evident in what is coming soon. We have good news for those who yearn for a change in this regard. Deepin is currently engaged in a redesign of the Application Store of the OS. The news comes to us through the internal development group and through what some of its developers have published on their Twitter accounts.

You can see some screenshots of everything we talked about below where there is an obvious positive change in the look of the store. In these you can see a more simplified interface and with a much cleaner finish than what we see in today's store, with rounded corners, new icons in the navigation bar on the left and greater attention to the applications highlighted with an image more striking top.

You can also see an icon for the tool to monitor downloads and installations, the ability to view progress while an installation is being performed, as well as other features that we are already used to in the current product. The store apparently will also be accompanied by a dark theme for those who prefer it.


What do you think of the screenshots? Do you think we are at the doors of a better store or do you dislike what you see? For my part, I would like to see some current aspects that I do not see in the new design; For example, there is no Application Range list that appears today to the right of the store front page, although it is very possible that this is planned and will be added later during the development process.

Although we must not forget that this is still a work in progress and that the final product could look different than what is being tested at the moment, personally I would like to see a faster store in every way, with applications that are not so old. . Share your ideas about it with the rest of the community and let us know what your suggestions are for Deepin developers.

Sources: Twitter / Group Internal Testing

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Martin_Lucero (@martin_lucero)
1 mes atrás

Although the design seems to be on the right track, the truth is that I would rather focus more on fixing the repo problems and updating the store apps more, otherwise perfect.

XOdein (@xodein)
1 mes atrás

It is not the worst, but it has to improve, that is one hundred percent sure. Still, they take a long time to update the applications.

Angel Feroz
Angel Feroz (@angelferoz)
1 mes atrás

The shots are of low quality, too bad, but I think it will look nice in the end, thanks for the information up to date.

Luis501 (@luis501)
1 mes atrás

That in Deepin there are the best designers I have not the slightest doubt, it is beautiful, I love it; but there are certainly some little things inside that make noise and that I will continue to hope can be resolved. For my part I like the new design. 👍

Luis Linux
Luis Linux (@ddluislinuxfinal)
1 mes atrás

Excellent, I like the design, yes, I hope my black theme.

Alberto Jiménez
Alberto Jiménez (@alberto2003)
1 mes atrás

Well, I do not see it bad to be a work in progress, deepin continues to improve.

NEO-TECH (@neo-tech)
1 mes atrás

Hello Eli.

I agree with you that the new store should be faster in its graphical performance and that the application update rate should be more constant.

The fact that the apps are so out of date, in my particular case, always led me to install them from the app's website. (And one thinks: With what need if I have a dedicated Software Store?)

As for the graphical change that is coming, I want to say that I always liked the use of spaces within the graphical interface.

I'm a bit tired of side menus, that is, if the menu only has a couple of items or categories, in that case I prefer a centralized floating top menu. And if it is lateral, it includes the largest number of items. For example, the new side menu could also include the Rankings area that you well mention is in "Missing" condition 🙂

Congratulations to the team that is developing the improvements for the new version of the Store. It will be welcome.

A hug

PS: Let it be recorded for the memory.

Vicente Blanco
Vicente Blanco (@vicente544blanco)
1 mes atrás

Tiene una buena estética como casi todo lo que deepin saca, me gusta.

Frank Alvarez
Frank Alvarez (@franky08)
1 mes atrás

I do not see anything wrong with the store now, but I understand that nothing is eternal, at some point they would have to modify it.

profiler 2.0
profiler 2.0 (@profiler-2-0)
1 mes atrás

pa`lante I like it, thanks to everyone involved for all the work !!!

TonyRevuelta (@tonyrevuelta)
1 mes atrás

It is being magnificent, go ahead deepin, do not stop progress!

Peligroso Mario
Peligroso Mario (@peligrosomario)
1 mes atrás

It looks decent, but nothing spectacular in my opinion, we'll see what the future holds.

JJJCarlos2 (@jjjcarlos2)
Respondiendo a  Emiliano Masochi
1 mes atrás

Emiliano MasochiI had not entered the store, it is more beautiful butooo, the language is now Chinese and some English, do you know how to change to Spanish?

Emiliano Masochi
Emiliano Masochi (@emilianomasochi)
Respondiendo a  JJJCarlos2
1 mes atrás

Hi! No, no idea, I suppose we will have to wait for a patch from the geniuses or wait for the translation by stop Deepin

Olman Sandoval
Olman Sandoval (@olmansandoval)
1 mes atrás

instale Deepin hace una semana. Estoy iniciando el aprendizaje y lo que mas problema me da es el idioma. Creo que es necesario que se le una mayor importancia al tema del lenguaje ( para toda la comunidad en español ). Soy solo un usuario que rompio con todo lo que tiene que ver con Windows y estoy tratando de usar Linux para todo lo que necesito.

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