In this edition of the system (15.9.1) get the first modifications and corrections in addition to the 15.9 patch for the recently known vulnerability APT


  • dae 15.9.1 with bug bub for overwintering and be displayed on multiple screens.
  • apt updated to version 1.8.0 ~ beta1 + Deepin to correct the security flaw
  • the error that pressing the shortcut Super + D to show the desktop and then set the wallpaper, desktop icons were not hidden and could not preview the wallpaper was corrected;

Control center

  • separate switches the sound effects added;
  • SSTP support VPN and VPN proxy added;
  • TLS error that was not available when creating OpenVPN corrected;
  • the error that the security mode access point could not be established in WEP was corrected;
  • the error that the time in the bottom of the list of notifications saw cut was corrected;


  • the "Hibernate" option was added by right-clicking the button off;
  • the charging icon is improved in the system tray;
  • the error that autostart applications did not use the SNI protocol to record the tray was corrected;
  • the error that control the size of tooltips off button did not change the system font size corrected;
  • the error that had a blank in the dock in some cases to drag and drop icons to couple on the touch screen was corrected.


  • Fixed search box in mini mode;
  • the error in full screen mode, icons are displayed in half and then jumped to open the launcher was corrected.


  • Deepin File Manager 4.7.5-1 Aggregated advanced search function;
  • Deepin Store abnormal interface after removing the applications on the list of donations corrected.
  • Movie Deepin 3.2.19-1 the error that the mini mode is not displayed when you click it in the context menu in maximum mode was corrected.
  • 3.2.1 Terminal Deepin shortcuts (Ctrl + Alt + arrow keys) were added to adjust the size of the part after splitting the window.
  • Screenshot of Deepin 4.1.7-1 He added the function, press Shift and then click the Save button to save the screenshot.
  • Deepin Package Manager 1.3.0-1; Deepin Music 3.1.14-1; Deepin Graphics Driver Manager 1.1.4-1; Repair Deepin 1.0.11-1 Translations were updated.
  • 5.3.2 HTYWeather the bug that was not displayed in the dock supplements corrected; API was changed to to support weather forecast worldwide and added support for icon themes.

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Excellent upgrade. But I have a problem: HTYWeather add does not appear to me. My system has a problem?

Answered by: evandrodomingues

Excellent upgrade. But I have a problem: HTYWeather add does not appear to me. My system has a problem?

Hello Avatarevandrodomingues, Welcome to the community, are you sure you have the plugin enabled on the dock HTYWeather? be sure to click with the right mouse in any area of ​​the dock and select "plugins" HTYWeather make sure there is activated.

DeepinScreenshot 20190130191642

Pablo ParaAndroides

I would not appear:

Maria Tovar

I would spend the same; I just yesterday I did a clean install of then update, no plugin I get the time and worse with other applications feel the same, in a word noaparecen in the store.


Deepin continues to improve, stable as a rock here, very nice new weather widget and maintain excellent safety as a priority.

Maria Tovar

Deepin in the shop there is a bug that does not allow applications that should be displayed as the plugin time. To give an example pinchas category flatpack and applications do not appear.