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After the first advances in creating a productivity room in Deepin, It is time to expand this article to present an application that will allow you to unify your activities and plan them on time and that everyone can download and use for free. Whose techniques resemble the various YouTube channels and websites that motivate you to work out calmly, in parts, and in control with time.

Super Productivity is a free application based on Electron that helps facilitate the day's activities, whether at work, university study or in the development of software (in fact, it has integration with Gitlab and Github). It is even available as Chrome extension, webapp and even Android app so you can sync and backup data with smartphones, which makes it easier to accomplish routine tasks in a more didactic way.

In this article we would like to enlist you in this world of time management and improve your productivity by opening Super Productivity. So you will not despair when the last moment arrives, you want to cope with a course that you do not like or you try to find something better to combat procrastination.

Knowing how Super Productivity works

This application is freely available from their website (Format AppImage, package deb or via Snap). When you open it, it takes you to three tabs: Day, chronology and schedule. In this case, you must tell Super Productivity your task and how you plan to complete it, in a short period such as today or in a month, in addition to the breaks so as not to saturate yourself or get too tired.

The first is the Day in which you can add the tasks you need. This usually has a category, a label to classify and a time, all three are optional. First create a task to assign, the quickest way to describe it without having to go to see the settings is as a title:

My homework + category # tag 100m
Crear tarea en Super Productivity
Create your first task!
Integration with other programs

If you use WebDav, you can synchronize the calendar to include them as a task, which will automate the process. Do not forget that although it has note taking and markers, it takes advantage of other programs to taking notes in store so you can complete your productivity experience.

Second is the section of Chronology, which will help set the working time if you are visiting for the first time. In this case, you will see which tasks you completed and which ones you are doing on that day, with their respective duration. Although the hours are 8 hours, this is increased by adding rest spaces to relax and move, even with longer breaks to refresh memory such as having a lunch.

Moments to take breaks

Maybe by this time you will have a pomodoro to schedule pauses, as well as other methods. You must first activate in the Super Productivity settings and set the Activity / P plan. Short / P. Long like 25-5-15 or 52-17-40 to name an example. In short breaks, you can stretch, go for a walk, and go to the bathroom. In long breaks, after a few intervals, you can eat, play something casual or watch Internet videos. We recommend that you take breaks from time to time and avoid anxiety or procrastination.

Establece tu horario en Super Productivity
Set your schedule.

The third is Programming, in which you can set the deadline for the most advanced or complicated tasks. Unlike the simple tasks, if you assign a deadline you will see in this section. You can even divide into subtasks with different times to reduce the load and take care of your health. For example, if your goal is to prepare a family lunch, you set the micro-tasks: Compare ingredients in the morning, cook later, and then serve at noon.

When you complete, you will see the record in which you will check your progress in Super Productivity, the data being yours and that you can export if you wish. In general, tasks are not usually in a category, so try adding one in Super Productivity, as if it were a board, and you will have control of how you have progressed through the days.

For example, a person establishes his university assignments and reviews in Super Productivity at a certain time, since classes are usually in the afternoon. Then the person indicates what to do at work or at home in the morning. Finally, we have the Programming category, as that person's favorite hobby and some skills that they need to master.

A project for every moment of your life.

Some frequent doubts

If you are new to Super Productivity and time management, we have some data to clarify and establish the points to make better use of this tool.

Why is it necessary to set a clock and a current goal?

It helps you to know the time you need to invest in this task and to establish the pauses. When you hit the play button in Super Productivity you will start to focus on that task. Have you calculated how much it consumes you to read a chapter of a book, or a video to see how it is programmed or to serve customers? Remember that a day is 24 hours, and that it is reduced when you sleep or do routines. If you use all day instead of doing a few minutes it will happen like Parkinson's law, take up the entire task at all times without realizing it.

You can always alternate the breaks or stop the task, depending on the options you have enabled. If you want to rest, press the pause button or skip to that period.

Momento de la siesta, pero no abuses
Nap time, but do not abuse.
What happens if you are doing something pending but have not registered as a task?

Even if you are not setting a goal in Super Productivity, or you have a mishap within the activity hours, you will see a notification indicating that it occurred during that time. We recommend checking if you've rested, did an extra task to create it, or a little of both. When you mark as a task, it will automatically indicate how long you have done and will focus on it until you finish it.

Indicar periodo inactivo en Super Productivity
What have you done for the hour and a quarter?
What happens if I finish the tasks?

When you get done all the tasks, enjoy the day. But don't forget anything to guarantee your future. Now press the corresponding button and you will see a general summary and a self-assessment to give you a rating, identify some errors and develop new plans for the future. You can always close the application and take some time off for the next day.

Celebra lo que hiciste y evalúa para seguir progresando mañana
Celebrate what you did and evaluate to keep making progress tomorrow!


This article shared all that pertains to Super Productivity, a complete tool for doing activities, planning time, and accomplishing them in style. You don't need advanced knowledge, just commitment and skill to complete as many tasks as you can.

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