About Deepin Wuhan Tecnology

Wuhan Deepin Tecnhology is the name of the company responsible for developing Deepin. Está ubicada en China y se creó a principios del 2010. Usan el lema “We are Change” para representar que «hacemos el cambio» y una mascota llamada Raccoon («mapache» en español).

On the organization Deepin Wuhan Tecnology


It is a science and technology company based in Wuhan, China. It is part of the Linux Foundation and is very committed to projects source and free software. It is dedicated to research and development of GNU / Linux (Deepin OS) operating systems. As well as software and related solutions, which distributes and markets internationally.

También ofrece soluciones corporativas como UOS, enfocados inicialmente en el país. A diferencia de Deepin, este es de pago.

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Está ubicada en Wuhan, China. Tienen sedes también en Pekín, Shanghái y Harbin.

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Deepin began 2004 as a project under the "Hiweed Linux". That operating system was based on a flavor of Ubuntu with the XFCE desktop environment.

In 2009, because of its successful users internationalized. The application lazamiento was common, with older versions every two months. Between 2010 and 2011 changed the graphical interface Gnome2. In 2015, the base Ubuntu was changed to focus on Debian with an own development environment.

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Deepin aims to create a friendly when used with an elegant and simple design GNU / Linux system cool. Offering a set of proprietary solutions. This permits from the moment the user to perform various everyday actions easily.


Mediante su correo electrónico %73%75%70%70%6F%72%[email protected]%64%65%65%70%69%6E.%6F%72%67 (en inglés, por favor). O realizando una llamada a la central, 027-87805607 (el código internacional de China es 86).

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You can also send a postal mail to:

The 6th Floor, Building B18, Optics Valley Financial Harbor, No. 77, Optics Valley Avenue, Wuhan, China. ZIP code 430223.

Other details of interest


  • Liu Wenhuan (Founder and CEO Deepin Wuhan Technology)
  • Andy Stewart (Vice Genera Manager)
  • Hualet Wang (DDE Project Manager)
  • Melody Zou (Product Operating)
  • A staff of developers such as Li Peng and other

Also participated Kevin Chiang (Product Manager until 2018).


We have a small collection of magazine Deepin. It is in Chinese language and you can consult the sources for free (registration required). Of course, the magazines are owned by the organization (all rights reserved).

Magazine 1, two files:

Soon more.


In this video-presentation in Chinese you'll meet Deepin mascot, raccoon.


Sí. Desde 2015 forma parte de la Fundación Linux. En 2019 anunció su colaboración con Hawei para incluir su SO en sus portátiles.

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