A LOOK AT THE NEW Deepin text editor

Deepin Edit is the name chosen to name the application that will soon be destined to replace Gedit as the default editor in (DDE) Deepin Desktop Environment.

Among its features we can highlight the aesthetics, it stands out in all Deepin applications; We also offers its own configuration panel that lets you configure various aspects of its interface.

deepin editor config

As editor presents a range of possibilities allowing work on multiple tabs as instances in separate windows. also it offers the possibility document search using key words or phrases with forward and backward in the selection delos results.

Deepin Editor, can show three styles of code highlighting, line numbering, change text to uppercase, lowercase, etc and the basic characteristics of a code editor for quick editing. This version was compiled by @ senpai86 and it was created by deb @car. This tested in Deepin version 15.7, we hope you enjoy it.

It has 3 Themes (2 clear and 1 Dark)

temas deepin editor
Topics for Deepin editor

One of the most interesting features I found the file is saved

deepin editor save
Guadar file

We can choose the extension of the file to the save (.txt) format line to the file (Linux, Windows or MacOS) and its default encoding is UTF-8.

Other features:

Read-only mode.

deepin editor modo lectura
reading mode

Another feature very useful for programmers is that you can comment lines of code depending on the programming language used.

deepin editor python
Commenting line of code in python

Its development is still in progress, but we already enjoy.


Descargar “Deepin Editor” deepin-editor_1.0_amd64.deb – Descargado 133 veces – 2 MB

Updated to 2019: Deepin Editor it is available pre-installed in version 15.10.

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Deepin En Español
Deepin En Español (@deepin-en-espanol)
2 años atrás

Excellent editor!

Эли (@eli)
2 años atrás

Looks great Deepin EditorThanks for providing us with this preview!

orfeo (@orfeo)
2 años atrás

I tried downloading Deepin-Editor_1.0_amd64.deb but I indicates broken dependencies. Attached image:

Dependencias rotas

What I can do?

orfeo (@orfeo)
Respondiendo a  Car
2 años atrás

I downloaded gdebi and is already installed Deepin-editor.
Thank you Car

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